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Item #: SCP-2645

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2645 is to be contained within a standard Euclid containment chamber. As of Incident-2645-2, the lighting in SCP-2645's chamber has been connected to a backup generator. Additional changes include the installation of a light tube system to provide a minimum level of natural light without compromising containment, and motion sensors to detect any unexpected activity.

Description: SCP-2645 is a full-size mirror with a frame decorated with painted wooden carvings of birds, flowers and lily-pads. Any object that would come into contact with SCP-2645's surface does not touch glass, but in fact encounters an exact duplicate of itself projected from an unknown location. For example, an individual attempting to touch the surface of SCP-2645 would instead feel an exact replica of their own hand. It has therefore proven impossible to make any conclusions as to the material of the surface of SCP-2645.

Substances in gaseous form are able to pass through the surface of SCP-2645. When this occurs, SCP-2645 produces and expels these substances in equal measure to that which passes through, in a manner that allows an accurate reflection to be maintained.

Researchers' current hypothesis is that SCP-2645 is some form of extra-dimensional window or opening that mimics the properties of a mirror. Since gases are able to pass through SCP-2645, it is evident that this mimicry is not completely accurate, at least at an atomic level. Further experiments to test SCP-2645's effect on phenomena without physical substance such as light, sound, and heat have been scheduled.

Addendum: Incident 2645-1 and related Experiment Log

Experiment 2645-4C:

A thermocouple was placed in front of SCP-2645. Test subject D-5461 was given a propane-operated flamethrower and, whilst standing one meter from SCP-2645, instructed to fire the weapon at the center of the glass. Security staff with fire extinguishers were positioned at the sides of the room, having been instructed to remain clear of the mirror throughout the experiment, whilst Dr Cox observed via camera.

The jet of flame produced was able to pass through SCP-2645 and another jet of flame was emitted from its surface. The flames emitted appeared identical to those seen in the reflection. However, the temperature of the flame emitted by SCP-2645 was far lower than anticipated. D-5461 quickly moved to security staff after her clothes ignited, and as a result suffered mainly superficial injuries.

Analysis of footage revealed that the measurement appearing on the reflected version of the thermocouple was at the expected temperature, not matching its counterpart in reality.

Incident Log 2645-1

On 25/10/████, SCP-2645 was scheduled to be moved to Chamber A12. However, whilst transporting SCP-2645, personnel found that charred human remains could be seen in SCP-2645's reflection close to the Eastern wall of the chamber. Due to the nature and position of the remains, a link was drawn to Experiment 2645-4C.

SCP-2645 was returned to its original position and Dr Cox informed about the discovery. Dr Cox was granted permission to resume testing with D-5461. It was noted that no reflection of D-5461 could be seen in SCP-2645.

D-5461 was instructed to touch SCP-2645, but did not come into contact with any obstruction, her hand instead passing through the mirror's surface. Ignoring orders, D-5461 stepped through SCP-2645. Security Personnel were ordered to terminate D-5461 in response, but bullets fired at SCP-2645 were impeded by their reflections.

Dr Cox began to seal SCP-2645's containment chamber, under the assumption that the same would occur within SCP-2645's reflection. However, D-5461 reached the reflection of Dr Cox before this task was completed, tackling him to the ground. This had no noticeable effect on the real Dr Cox.

The reflection of Security Officer Williams then ceased firing and turned to train her rifle on D-5461, who had almost left the chamber at this point. As a result Security Officer Williams' bullets were now able to pass through SCP-2645, impacting with the walls and door of the chamber. The reflection of Security Officer Jenks was struck in the right shoulder, causing him to stagger and drop his rifle, which allowed further projectiles to pass through SCP-2645. At this point, Security Personnel were ordered to hold their fire.

The reflection of Security Officer Williams returned to normal, snapping into position unnaturally quickly. The reflections of Dr Cox and Security Officer Jenks performed a similar action. However, whilst both now mimicked the actions of their counterparts very closely, the former appeared disheveled and the latter was nursing his arm. Dr Cox was positioned slightly incorrectly and neither's facial expressions quite matched those of their doubles.

Moments later, the surface of SCP-2645 took on the appearance and properties of iron. It remained in this state for approximately ten minutes, before returning to its original form. There was no visible evidence of the incident having occurred. However, Security Officer Jenks' reflection was no longer identical to him, instead showing an unknown person with similar build and facial features.

Four weeks later, SCP-2645 resumed normal behaviour with zero discrepancies.

Addendum: Incident 2645-2

Due to a containment breach of SCP-███, Site-███ experienced a power failure. This led to the failure of the lights in SCP-2645's chamber for a total of three hours. After power was restored, D-5461's burnt remains were found positioned by the Eastern wall of the chamber. The reflection of the corpse could still be seen in SCP-2645 and was accurate to the position and appearance of its version in reality. Personnel reported a strong smell of cooked meat.

Due to the conditions of the incident, video footage was unusable. Audio recorded a prolonged scream, followed by unintelligible whispering lasting approximately three minutes.

Following this incident, SCP-2645's containment procedures were updated to their current state.

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