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Item #: SCP-2644

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Persons in contact with any host of SCP-2644, with the exception of Foundation personnel, are to be given class B amnestics as soon as SCP-2644 has switched to a new host.

Any personnel tasked with containment must be given access to the secured email account designated for communications with SCP-2644, and must check this email at least once an hour during shifts. Any IP used by SCP-2644 must be tracked to identify its current host.

As containment of SCP-2644 requires its cooperation, all personnel must assure SCP-2644 that the Foundation1 is working to "cure" it of its anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-2644 is an incorporeal consciousness. Each day, SCP-2644 will replace the consciousness of a human between 15 and 55 years of age at random. This transfer occurs during unconsciousness between the current and target host.2 This transfer will also occur if SCP-2644's current host is killed. If SCP-2644 avoids sleep, it can stay within a single host for several days before succumbing to sleep deprivation and fatigue. Previous hosts of SCP-2644 have no recollection of the experience, and do not display any anomalous properties. Only observers of SCP-2644 and SCP-2644 itself appear aware of the anomaly.

Excerpt from the LostPerson Forum Thread:

The following transcript contains a section of the online thread that helped lead to the discovery of SCP-2644:

Category: Personality Disorders, Psychosis, Delusions
Thread: I Keep Waking up as Different People
Started By: LostPerson

I don't know how to explain what's been happening to me. I know I'm different, but I haven't ever experienced what is normal, I guess?
Everytime I wake up, I'm someone else. I don't remember ever being just one person for an extended period of time. It's like my life is just little pieces from everyone else's life. Every day, I have to ask strangers who I am, and they never understand that I am a stranger in the skin of someone close to them. Everyone I see is always scared or confused. I'm always scared and confused. I want to just be one person, and just stay as that person. I want to be able to die. But I continue swapping lives even if I make myself die. I don't know if it's suicide or homicide, but I can't die and I've tried.
I want to be normal. Can someone here help me be normal?


Pyrixia: Unfortunately, I can't say I have much experience with this sort of thing. If it is schizophrenia or some other sort of mental disorder, it's too hard to say what might be happening with your mind to give you a suggestion on how to solve this. If you can't remember who you are, maybe figure out what makes you switch lives, I suppose? You said every time you wake up? Could it be some sort of lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis?

DoodleBird193: You switch bodys? [sic] Maybe like you and your body got seprated and so you'r mind like floats around and goes into other people's bodys?

MiffKay: If you don't switch bodies when you're awake, maybe it has something to do with unconsciousness? I can't tell if this is actually ahppening [sic] to you or if it's some intense hallucination, but if it is happening, maybe try to stay awake as long as you can and see what happens? Let me know.

LostPerson: I usually can't pull an all-nighter, but I'll try. Maybe one of these bodies has insomnia or something? Does sleep work like that?

MiffKay: If insomnia's based on how the brain's wired, then maybe different people's brains will be able to last longer without sleep. You should try until you can last at least 36 hours without sleep. Also, you said you tried killing yourself? Don't do that, if you are actually switching bodies you'd just be killing random people.

LostPerson: I'll try staying awake tonight and see what happens.

Email communications between SCP-2644 and Foundation personnel are self-contained via a separate server network (apart from primary Foundation networks), with sensitive information removed to avoid security breaches from hackers or SCP-2644 itself. Messages are sent and received via the same email address, enabling Foundation staff to track for possible 3rd party communications. Access to the email will limit access to internet forums and several other websites to reduce risk of information leaks.

Excerpts from E-message 2644-01:
(segments of messages from and to ███████@███████.████.net)

Agent: Hello. This is █████ from earlier. I'm here to discuss your current condition. As our organization works with many anomalous conditions, such as the one you suffer from, we may be able to assist you in coping with and perhaps curing you of this disorder. Do you have a name?

SCP-2644: Well, no, not really. Online I go by LostPerson, but I've never had an official name.

Agent: In our system we have you down as #2644. Would you prefer I call you by your username or as our system number?

SCP-2644: Whichever is easiest I suppose.

Agent: Most of the information we will discuss to help resolve you of this condition will be highly confidential. I must ask you before we begin to refrain from discussing any of this information on any forum. Do I have your word that you will not disclose any of this information?

SCP-2644: If you can help me at least cope with this problem, then yes, you have my word.

Agent: As I understand it, you wake up inhabiting a different body every day?

SCP-2644: Yes.

Agent: Do you have any control over what body you wake up in? Is there any pattern?

SCP-2644: I wish I could control it. I think I've tried to see some sort of pattern, but I'm always distracted with trying to figure out who I am each day, and I guess I can say at least that I haven't noticed anything obvious or predictable.

Agent: Alright. What we're going to have you do is fairly simple. Every day, we'd like you to tell us where you woke up, and how you would physically describe the person you are for the day. Try to figure out their name if you can, and do your best to act how you think they would act. As a start, could you tell me your current name and appearance?

SCP-2644: Ok, so I think I'm somewhere in California right now. My name is Charlie today, I think? Middle-aged dude with a really bad tan. Kinda overweight, but not that overweight.

Agent: Is there anything where you are that might tell you your last name?

SCP-2644: It looks like he was in the middle of writing a letter or something. I think it says Ecks? Charlie Ecks?

Agent: Thank you. Let me know the same type of information when you wake up tomorrow. Keep track of each day since we started as well.

SCP-2644: Will do.

SCP-2644: Day 2. Really dark-skinned girl, probably early twenties. Name's Shawna Rishe I think? Southern US somewhere.

Agent: Could you tell us which town or state?

SCP-2644: The TV's broken and it's pitch black outside. I can't get Google Maps to load on this computer for some reason.3

Agent: Please give us that information as soon as you have it.

SCP-2644: Day 6. Sorry I couldn't get in contact with you. None of the people I had for the past few days had any internet. I think I was in the Middle East somewhere first, a boy maybe like 16 or something. Then I was a dark-skinned older woman, but I have no idea what I looked like because there was nothing reflective around. Yesterday I was a man named Vancho Figari. I think I was in Patagonia somewhere.

Agent: Can you remember a name for the other two?

SCP-2644: No, sorry. I couldn't understand the languages the people around were using. I only really know English and Spanish.

SCP-2644: Day 20. I'm in Mexico, near Toluca I think. Enrique Sánchez. Kinda portly dude, probably late 30's.

SCP-2644: Who are you? My husband missed a flight to talk with you. He doesn't speak inglés. Por favor, habla español. Mi Esposo estaba muy extraño ayer. ¿Quién eres tú? ¿Qué está pasando?

Agent: #2644?

SCP-2644: What? Oh geez. I must've forgotten to log out yesterday.

Agent: It is very important to be discreet about this information. Please, remember to log out before you go to bed.

SCP-2644: Day 182. I'm sorry I haven't talked to you for a few days. Something really creepy happened a few days ago and I needed some time to calm down. Today it's Sandra Oaks, some lady from Iowa.

Agent: Could you describe to me what happened a few days ago?

SCP-2644: I'm not sure I want to think about it.

Agent: Remember, the more information we can get of your experiences, the more clues we may have to helping cure you of this condition.

SCP-2644: Right. Well, part of what makes me uncomfortable about talking about this, other than what happened, was that it felt familiar somehow. I'm not sure what exactly, but I felt like I had been there, or someplace like it, before.

Agent: Could you give a general description of your environment?

SCP-2644: Sterile. Lots of rooms. Tiled floors and walls. It felt like a cross between a school and a prison, if that makes any sense. No windows. At least none in any of the rooms I saw. Lots of security cameras though.

Agent: What was your name, and what happened to you while you were there?

SCP-2644: I'm trying to forget. I'd say my brain is trying to forget, but that doesn't exactly apply here. I mean, there are a lot of things I've tried to forget, but this was different. I felt like I was in some horror story. Vivisected human collage.4

Agent: Could you elaborate on what you mean by that?

SCP-2644: No. It means what it sounds like. Please, I just want to fix what's going on with me.

Agent: I do apologize, but I'd like to ask you one more question. I know you don't want to think about it anymore, but try to focus on what happened. What about your environment seemed familiar to you?

SCP-2644: It must have been some old memory, it felt like deja vu. This circular symbol with arrows pointing in it. It was unsettling yet somehow familiar. Please, it's been almost half a year since we started this. Can we try something, anything, to prevent me from switching around anymore? We've barely come any closer and I don't want to see anything creepy like that again.

SCP-2644: Day 183. I'm still the Sandra lady. I don't want to go to sleep, I refuse to go to sleep. I don't want to live out a mosaic of random people's lives anymore.

SCP-2644: Day 184. I'm still Sandra.

SCP-2644: Please fix me.

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