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Item #: SCP-2638

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2638 is contained in situ at the Souther Family Farm, approximately 6 km northeast of Site-918. SCP-2638 itself is defined as the Souther Farmhouse, 192 m2 in area.

Site-918 will provide 24-hour surveillance of SCP-2638 in the form of two agents per 8-hour shift. Unauthorized personnel approaching SCP-2638 are to be detained. Site-918 should then be contacted and a team will be sent out to collect the visitor(s). The visitor(s) will then be routinely questioned at Site-918, administered Class-B amnestics and released.

Site-918 will also provide appropriate food and medical aid to SCP-2638-1, SCP-2638-2 and all instances of SCP-2638-A. These are to be delivered via a standard Foundation HERMES remote drone through the front door of SCP-2638.

At all times personnel should avoid entering within 5 m of SCP-2638's outer walls. Entrance to SCP-2638 requires permission from the Site Director, or a personnel member with higher security clearance

Description: SCP-2638 is the Souther Farmhouse, constructed in 1919.

SCP-2638-1 and SCP-2638-2 (Mr Brian Souther and Mrs Jacqui Souther) are two otherwise apparently non-anomalous humans who are unable to leave SCP-2638. SCP-2638-2 is currently cooperative with Foundation personnel with regular contact via mobile telephone, while SCP-2638-1 is uncommunicative.

SCP-2638-A is the designation given to the 54 anomalous entities currently contained within SCP-2638.

Any attempt to cross the boundaries of SCP-2638 from within will result in the inhabitants becoming blocked by an "invisible wall"1. SCP-2638 shows no structural anomalous properties. Testing equipment has been delivered to SCP-2638-2, but due to its inexperience with Foundation technology results are considered untrustworthy.

On average once a week, between one and four random people in a nearby radius2 will abandon their current activities and travel to SCP-2638. If they are not detained by Foundation personnel they will enter SCP-2638 and become an instance of SCP-2638-A. If they are prevented from entering and led at least 3 km away they will display no other anomalous behavior and will resume their previous activities. Failed SCP-2638-A subjects have shown no aggression towards Foundation personnel, but express irritation with SCP-2638-1 and SCP-2638-2's absence during questioning.

Testing reveals that SCP-2638-A entities will also be created when any human crosses the threshold into SCP-2638.

An instance of SCP-2638-A will attempt to engage SCP-2638-1 and SCP-2638-2 in conversation. It will do so regardless of SCP-2638-1 and SCP-2638-2's willingness to speak, or how many other instances are talking to them. Conversation topics consist of "small-talk" - the health of SCP-2638-1 and SCP-2638-2, condition of the house, upcoming social events, etc.

The SCP-2638-A will refuse to leave SCP-2638, and will ignore any injury to itself. It will consume light snacks but decline any offers of substantial meals. It will also neglect to follow basic personal hygiene procedures. Current instances of SCP-2638-A are in various stages of malnutrition, disease, death and decomposition.

Addendum 1A: The Foundation became aware of SCP-2638 after a series of disappearances in the local area and police calls from SCP-2638-2. Due to SCP-2638's geographical isolation, continued public disinformation campaigns are not deemed necessary, beyond initial routine containment procedures. Agents have been assigned to find additional information about SCP-2638.

Addendum 1B: SCP-2638-1 was born in SCP-2638 in 1976. The delivering doctor was Dr. Frazer, whose office contained some additional medical information on SCP-2638-1. SCP-2638-1 suffered from genetic abnormalities associated with inbreeding, leading to the death of its mother in childbirth. After SCP-2638-1's father died in 2006, SCP-2638-1 became the sole owner of SCP-2638. In 2008 Dr. Frazer recommended SCP-2638-1 be treated for severe clinical depression. There is no record of SCP-2638-1 actually receiving treatment. Dr. Frazer could not be interviewed as he is now SCP-2638-A-1. There appear to be no other records of SCP-2638-1's life, or of its family, aside from a newspaper subscription and a seldom used bank account3.

Addendum 1C: The life of SCP-2638-2, formerly known as Jacqui Trant, is better documented than SCP-2638-1. It was healthy, attended public schooling at appropriate ages and was employed as a nurse. In 2009 SCP-2638-2's home was repossessed and SCP-2638-2 declared bankruptcy. SCP-2638-2 then lived with various friends and family for irregular periods of time. Agents were able to interview many acquaintances of SCP-2638-2: common descriptors used were "sociable" and "extroverted" and >80% used variations of the phrase "she just wanted to look after people." SCP-2638-2 was known to respond to personal ads.

Addendum 1D: SCP-2638-1 and SCP-2638-2 married in a private ceremony in 2010, with Dr. Frazer witnessing. Residents of the maximum area of effect of SCP-2638 were not able to recognise SCP-2638-2 from photographs. Telephone interviews with SCP-2638-2 revealed that SCP-2638-1 became increasingly mentally and physically unwell in 2011, and required 24-hour care. SCP-2638-1 refused any visitors to SCP-2638 aside from Dr. Frazer. In 2012 Dr. Frazer began treatment of SCP-2638-2 for severe clinical depression.

Addendum 1E: An archived local newspaper article dated 02/11/1926 refers to a violent incident at SCP-2638 resulting in the deaths of five members of the Souther family. The article states that local residents accused the family of involvement in "witchcraft", "demon worship" and "unnatural relations". No prosecutions related to the incident are recorded.

Addendum 2A: Since the suicide of SCP-2638-1, SCP-2638-2 has become increasingly hostile to instances of SCP-2638-A and Foundation Personnel. SCP-2638-2 has begun avoiding feeding any SCP-2638-A instances. SCP-2638-2's self-care has become inconsistent.

Interviewed: SCP-2638-2

Interviewer: Dr █████, situated at Site-918

Foreword: SCP-2638-2's last telephone interview. Dialogue from SCP-2638-A entities has been expunged except where SCP-2638-2 directly responds.

<Begin Log>

Dr █████: Hello SCP-… er… Mrs Souther, how have…

SCP-2638-2: Stop. I don't care anymore.

Dr █████: Please, your continued cooperation is necessary to…

SCP-2638-2: I can't even bury my husband. He's rotting in our bed. They're still talking to him. He only wanted me to be happy.

SCP-2638-A-37: Ah Jacqui, how is Brian? I've heard he's been rather ill.

SCP-2638-2: Would you please just shut up and die already, Sharon.

Dr █████: If you can bring Mr Souther's corpse to the door, we can try to extract it for study.

SCP-2638-2: You know what, you're just as bad as them. You don't care about us at all. Don't phone me again. If you want to be helpful, send me some weapons with your robot.

Dr █████: I can arrange further sessions with our grief counselor and…

SCP-2638-A-54 (Formerly D-9743): I must say I'm finding myself to be rather peckish. Do you have any more of those delightful cookies, Mrs. Souther?

SCP-2638-2: FUCK YOU.

SCP-2638-A-54: Excellent, perhaps we can go over plans for the gala now?

<Connection lost. End Log>

Closing Statement: [SCP-2638-2's request was not approved. Researchers estimate SCP-2638-2 will soon die due to ill-health. Whether the death of SCP-2638-2 will result in the neutralisation of SCP-2638 is unknown.]

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