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Mathematical projection of the object given to Dr. Mabry by SCP-2634. Red dots indicate single vertices, orange dots indicate double vertices, and the yellow dot indicates a quadruple vertex

Item #: SCP-2634

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2634 cannot be contained due to limitations of three-dimensional perception and tangibility.

Any objects obtained from SCP-2634 are to be kept in standard secure storage lockers when not being used for research.

Description: SCP-2634 is a sentient, likely telepathic entity that natively exists in six-dimensional space.

SCP-2634 first came to Foundation attention on October 13, 2013, when it made itself known to Doctor Mabry, a Senior Researcher stationed at Site-63. For Doctor Mabry’s full account of the event, see below.

A department of tesseractic geometry has been established at Site-63 in order to determine a method of further interaction with SCP-2634 and others of its kind.

In the time since Dr. Mabry's experience, Foundation reconnaissance and surveillance assets have traced at least fourteen separate instances of SCP-2634 appearing to other individuals. Descriptions of such events virtually always match Dr. Mabry's description very closely. To date SCP-2634 has appeared only to scientific professionals (notably: members of NASA, JAXA, CERN, and numerous private scientific institutions).

Until such a time that an adequate containment procedure can be devised, all individuals known to have had contact with SCP-2634 are to be given a regimen of Class-B amnestics and monitored for possible future interaction.

On 3/21/2016 Dr. Mabry was again contacted by SCP-2634. For a transcript of Dr. Mabry's report, see below

It is to be noted that the primary goal of all personnel assigned to SCP-2634 is to create an effective and lasting containment solution. All other efforts are to be considered secondary, and any personnel found to be pursuing other goals with any ultimate intention other than containing SCP-2634 will be assigned elsewhere.

Addendum: On 1/1/17, the department of tesseractic geometry managed to briefly open an unstable gateway into what is currently believed to be four dimensional space. This was accomplished using information gathered from the object Dr. Mabry was given by SCP-2634.

Said object possess several anomalous properties derived from its existence in six spatial dimensions, as follows:

  • Object is able to be handled and interacted with without any apparent physical contact, likely stemming from nonvisible projections into three dimensional space perpendicular to higher dimensions. Personnel assigned to the department of tesseractic geometry have become quite adept at manipulating the object in this fashion.
  • Extended visual contact with the object evokes a sense of discomfort, occasionally leading to migraine headaches and nausea. This phenomenon is not believed to be cognitohazardous in nature, merely a result of the human brain's inability to accurately reconcile a six dimensional visual image.
  • On rare occasions, the object may temporarily cause three dimensional objects that it contacts to appear as projections of equivalent six dimensional objects. It should be noted that affected objects do not actually become six dimensional.
  • Object cannot be photographed. All attempts at doing so will instead depict the object as a three dimensional projection of a six dimensional cube.
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