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Item #: SCP-2631

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The four SCP-2631-A instances are monitored by the Foundation CRUCIFORM SNARE satellites preceding them in orbit by 500 m. Additionally the JPL Sentry Program has been co-opted to report any relativistic objects in the solar system to the Foundation. In the event that any of:

  • CRUCIFORM SNARE observes any change in activity by SCP-2631-A.
  • A signal matching within 70% of the presumed "planet cracker" signal is detected.
  • A relativistic object is detected by Sentry.

O5 command is to be notified immediately, CRUCIFORM SNARE will arm automatically, and Mobile Task Force Sigma-31 ("Damocles Shield") is to be placed on alert. At the discretion of O5 command a 99-Tripurantaka order may be initiated at any time thereafter until O5 command issues an all clear order.

Cover identities for the four CRUCIFORM SNARE satellites have been established and are maintained by Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings"). The Supernova Early Warning System (SNEWS) has been co-opted to report any neutrino activity resembling Incident 2631-1987A. After an alert of this system, sociological observers with Mobile Task Force Psi-10 ("Maslow's Motivators") are to be on watch for any subsequent increase in unexplained cognitive phenomena.

Description: SCP-2631 is the collective designation for phenomena related to the four bodies (SCP-2631-A-1 through -A-4) surrounding the Earth at 90˚ points in geostationary orbit.

SCP-2631-A are artificial satellites of extraterrestrial origin. They are each featureless black spheres four meters in diameter. Each is surrounded by a field of unknown origin that bends light around the sphere and renders them invisible to electromagnetic sensors beyond 2 km. Following incident 2631-2008A, it is known that the satellites are able to open and deploy payloads from the interior into the Earth's atmosphere. They are capable of sending and receiving tight-beam microwave communications1 to and from unknown entities in the Kuiper Belt. During incident 2631-1987A, the array acted as a neutrino source for unknown reasons, and simultaneously apparently induced medium-term human neurocognitive anomalies worldwide. It is also surmised that they possess extensive sensors monitoring the Earth and possibly throughout the solar system.

SCP-2631 was first detected when a signal was intercepted by chance by the Big Ear Radio Telescope in 1977. Subsequent covert investigation by the Foundation eventually located the array in 1986 and it was physically inspected by Foundation astronauts in 1993. It is unknown how long the array had been in place prior to discovery.


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