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Item #: SCP-2626

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, SCP-2626 is to be kept in a locked, padded storage container at Site 19. Staff may request permission to use SCP-2626 for research purposes by submitting a written proposal to the Level 3 supervisor, who must be physically present to supervise all use of the item.

Negatives or photographic prints produced by SCP-2626 with unknown effects must be treated as potential Epsilon Class cognitohazards and may not be viewed under any circumstances until thoroughly tested on D-class personnel in a controlled environment. Negatives or photographic prints produced by SCP-2626 with known effects may be utilized for research purposes by personnel with proper clearance.

All known negatives and photographic prints related to SCP-2626 are to be stored in the 19-2626 Document Storage Archive, organized by numeric ID prefix. Materials representing an Alpha or Beta Class cognitohazard must be sealed in clearly labeled opaque envelopes and may be removed in a controlled environment by personnel with Level 2 clearance. Materials representing a Gamma or Delta Class cognitohazard must be locked in designated, clearly labeled steel drawers and may be removed in a controlled environment by personnel with Level 3 clearance. Materials representing an Epsilon Class cognitohazard must be locked within two steel containers and may not be removed by any personnel under any circumstances without supervision and prior written approval from two Level 4 directors.

Description: SCP-2626 is a modified Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic large format camera, circa 1966. A device mounted within the camera's bellows, labeled "████████ Corporation Hypnotic Pattern Generator", produces the item's anomalous effect. Research staff have determined that when light enters this device, it subtly alters the wavelength and intensity of individual photons and utilizes a dynamically generated diffraction matrix to embed anomalous cognitive triggers in the resulting image. The origin of the device is currently unknown, as "████████ Corporation" does not match the name of any business entity or subsidiary on record. The device requires six fully charged AA batteries to function properly.

SCP-2626 was purchased at auction in San Francisco, California, from the estate of commercial photographer █████ █████████ after her death in 2004. The buyer surrendered the camera to local law enforcement after taking a photograph that caused him to vomit uncontrollably. According to him, it came in its original box with a note from a presumed acquaintance of █████████ that read: "A special camera for you on the occasion of your 75th birthday. Photograph only the most beautiful subjects with it, and I assure you that you'll appreciate the cool results. Best always, T.M."

Viewing negatives or photographic prints produced by SCP-2626 will cause anomalous effects that depend on the perceived symbolism, function, or other properties associated with the subject depicted in the photograph. Additionally, the effects of a particular image may vary among viewers. For a complete list of known photographs and their effects, see Document 2626-L-01. Selected examples of tests on D-class subjects are listed in the addenda below.

Addendum A: Selected Examples of Photographs Produced by SCP-2626

In each test, one or more D-class subjects were asked to view a photograph taken with SCP-2626 for 10 seconds. In all cases, the effect(s) manifested instantaneously after the photograph was hidden from view.

Addendum B: Incident 2626-03

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