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Image of SCP-2621 entrance used during Operation 2621-1 by MTF Epsilon-3's combat trained archeologists.

Item #: SCP-2621

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation forces are to maintain a flight restricted zone above SCP-2621. This restriction is to be enforced on all non-Foundation aircraft. A fenced perimeter of 2 kilometers is to be maintained at all times surrounding SCP-2621.

Foundation survey, excavation, and exploration of SCP-2621 must be approved by the 2621 project director, the Ethics Committee and the current O5 supervisory member for the 2621 Project.

Satellite and ground based surveillance is to be carried out regularly on the site and any changes in the behaviors of SCP-2621-1 instances are to be reported to the 2621 project director. High level surveillance of SCP-2621 is to be carried out daily for a period of 6 months following the conclusion of Operation 2621-1 and any future operations.

Description: SCP-2621 is a collection of ruins approximately 16 kilometers south of the city of Hillah, Iraq. Physical approach of closer than 1.3 kilometers to SCP-2621 is difficult due to the presence of several entities (identified hereafter as SCP-2621-1 instances) around the ruin's perimeter. These instances attempt to prevent outside access to SCP-2621. SCP-2621-1 vary in appearance but most are exceptionally tall, winged, and white clothed humanoids carrying swords.

While the majority of SCP-2621 is only accessible via an underground cavern, several ruined buildings still stand above ground. SCP-2621-1 instances use several of these ruined structures as access points for the underground caverns.

SCP-2621 is believed to have been inhabited during a period of time lasting between 2440-2291 BCE. Satellite photography and limited spectrographic analysis indicates that anachronistic materials and methods were used in their construction. Several of these buildings utilized reinforced concrete, a technology that did not see wide use until the mid 1800s.

What danger, if any, the central anomaly may represent is currently unknown. As the SCP-2621-1 instances will use lethal force to protect SCP-2621, exploration without military accompaniment is not advised.

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