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Item #: SCP-2618-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The five known trees that produce SCP-2618-J are to be kept in an open-air arboreal habitat of Site-59. To minimize risk of a Hubris Event, watering and other maintenance operations of the trees are to be carried out through automated systems.

Description: SCP-2618-J is a banana cultivar that originated from the former French colony of █████ ██████████. In its appearance and genetic makeup, SCP-2618-J is indistinguishable from the common Cavendish banana.

SCP-2618-J's anomalous effects surface when a human subject makes visual contact with an individual SCP-2618-J fruit. The subject will invariably perceive the banana to be an item the subject needs to accomplish a future or pre-existing goal. This has been designated a "Hubris Event".

The perception can only be broken through the following means:

  1. A different human subject will remind the affected subject that SCP-2618-J is a banana.
  2. The affected subject attempts to use SCP-2618-J as they had originally intended.

SCP-2618-J first came to the attention of the Foundation after a failed assassination attempt of United States Senator ████████ ███ on 12/20/██. A radical animal rights activist named Kevin Jarvis had charged the stage at a campaign rally and attempted to shoot the senator point-blank, only to discover that his pistol was actually an instance of SCP-2618-J. While major news outlets gave a cover story of the attack being an unusual prank, a 40-page manifesto was discovered in Mr. Jarvis's apartment detailing his desire to assassinate the Senator in retaliation for his alleged track record of animal cruelty.

Addendum - Incident 2618-J-████: On 4/19/██, during the initial containment efforts of SCP-2618-J, Site-59 experienced multiple containment breaches by SCP-████, a Keter-class amphibian entity. After several unintentional Hubris Events on the part of security staff, SCP-████ has been designated uncontained and reclamation efforts are underway.

Incident 2618-J-████, Hubris Event 2:

<Begin Log>

[Dr. Naismith is giving Dr. Collins CPR]

Dr. Naismith: It's not working - I think the ████ venom's in his system. He needs a defibrillator.

Sgt. █████: Already got one. Open his shirt.

[Dr. Naismith opens Dr. Collins's shirt]

Sgt. █████: Charging. Keep at the pumping.

Dr. Naismith: That's not a defibrillator.

[Sgt. █████ notices that he is holding two instances of SCP-2618-J. Five seconds of radio silence]

Sgt. █████: Let's never speak of this again.

<End Log>

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