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SCP-2618, antenna retracted.

Item #: SCP-2618

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-2618 and replicas must be kept in locker 62 at Site-76. Personnel experimenting with SCP-2618 must be given mandatory psychological exams before and after use. If necessary, repeated users of SCP-2618 must ingest 80 mg of sertraline daily.

SCP-2618 is a wand-like electronic stylus fashioned from a small radio antenna, a wrist calculator, and what appears to be a toy spaceship. SCP-2618 can be used as a translocation device, though it is sensitive and often inaccurate. Typing a number into SCP-2618's calculator determines the distance in meters from the user to a target location, while direction is determined by aiming the antenna. Other than the primary activation controls, SCP-2618 has two dials and 5 buttons of unknown utility. Interrogation suggests that SCP-2618-1 had not used these controls prior to arrival at the Foundation, and was unsure of their purpose.

Testing has shown that repeated usage of SCP-2618 for transportation disrupts electrical signals in the nervous system, causing hypersensitivity and other neurological disorders over time. Tests have revealed electrical pulses radiating from SCP-2618 during use, most of which range from 100 mV to 3 V of electricity.

Dismantling of SCP-2618 revealed electrical components containing shards of blue pectolite. Chemical composition resembled that of pectolite obtained from ████ in the Dominican Republic, though no anomalies were detected. Reconstruction of SCP-2618 was successful. Constructed replicas of SCP-2618 showed no signs of anomaly.

Experiment log SCP-2618-01:
(note that only relevant experiments as to the nature of SCP-2618 are shown)

Experiment SCP-2618-02
Subject: D-030482-38
Procedure: Typed '20' into SCP-2618 and hit activation button while pointing SCP-2618 across the hall.
Result: D-030482-38 appeared approximately 20 meters along the line SCP-2618 had been aimed.

Experiment SCP-2618-03
Subject: D-20382
Procedure: typed '5' then typed '=.'
Result: Calculator screen read '5.'
Note: SCP-2618 may still work as a calculator.

Experiment SCP-2618-05
Subject: D-20382
Procedure: typed '5÷0='
Result: SCP-2618 attempted to create 5 duplicates of itself, all of which emitted a high pitched screech before disintegrating. D-20382 suffered mild radiation burns and was sent to Site-76's medical facility for treatment. Shortly after recovery, D-20382 displayed signs of acute paranoia, irritability, and reacted negatively to all tactile stimuli.
Note: The calculator appears to have a programmed method of attempting to solve any input equation. It may be good that this calculator can't be told to find the square root of a negative number.

Experiment SCP-2618-08
Subject: D-554-036
Procedure: Type '10' into SCP-2618 while aiming at D-3902-45, exactly 10 meters away.
Result: D-554-036 ignored instructions and attempted to escape using SCP-2618. D-554-036 found dead just outside Building ██. Cause of death determined to be blunt impact trauma. On-site witnesses claimed to have seen D-554-036 appear in the sky before falling to his death.

Experiment SCP-2618-09
Subject: D-555-037
Procedure: Type '10' into SCP-2618 while aiming at D-3902-46, exactly 10 meters away.

Information from interview 2618-1-03 has brought new insight into possible effects of power supply increases on SCP-2618.

Experiment SCP-2618-10
Subject: D-231979
Procedure: Replace batteries in compartment with a simple single phase rectifier connected to AC power supply. Plug into outlet and repeat procedure as in Experiment 02.
Result: Extension cord severely warped and severed. D-231979 was likewise [REDACTED] and immediately terminated.
Note: "If you're going to increase the device's power supply, remember, this thing is supposed to be portable. It's gonna disconnect itself if you plug it in. We weren't completely certain it would sever the cord mid-warp, but now that that's clear, I recommend that any further experiments in increasing the power supply of SCP-2618 find more portable methods. Nobody wants to clean up a mess like that again." -Dr.████

Experiment SCP-2618-11
Subject: D-30291
Procedure: Replace outlet cord with large portable power supply, repeat as with Experiment 02
Result: D-30291, along with SCP-2618, disappeared for approximately 2.5 hours before reappearing, approximately 20 meters from where they had last been seen. D-30291 has refused to give information as to what occurred during the 153 minutes they were missing.

Experiment SCP-2618-13
Subject: D-30291
Procedure: Increase voltage input to SCP-2618 to 30 V. Repeat as with Experiment 02.
Result: D-30291, along with SCP-2618, disappeared for approximately 30 hours before SCP-2618 reappeared on-site. Several days later, D-30291 reappeared with burns, holding a duplicate of SCP-2618. D-30291 entered a vegetative state and the duplicate ignited. SCP-2618 was unable to function until D-30291 returned.

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