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Item #: SCP-2617

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its fixed location, Containment Area-57 is to be established to contain SCP-2617 on-site. The perimeter around SCP-2617 is to be fenced in via chain link fence and mounted with eight surveillance cameras. Activation of SCP-2617 is prohibited. Each unique instance of SCP-2617-B is to be kept in Storage Unit 5 at Area-57.

Description: SCP-2617 is a 100 m tall radio tower situated in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia, and is controlled by a built-in electro-mechanical computer. The computer possesses a numeric dial, intended for inputting geographic coordinates. The central processing unit for SCP-2617 is a bio-mechanical analytical engine constructed from the brain tissue of Eugene Ivanoff, a Russian exile based in Bydgoszcz, Poland who disappeared in 1928.

When SCP-2617 is switched on, geographic coordinates may be inputted. If valid coordinates1 are inputted, an encrypted radio transmission is sent out and SCP-2617-(A-C) will begin manifestation in the designated site.

SCP-2617-A refers to a collection of humanoid statues, which are constructed out of ice. All instances of SCP-2617-A are featureless, and are physically identical to one another. About 100 such instances are manifested for every minute SCP-2617 remains activated. Once manifested, they will proceed to attack all belligerents2 in the vicinity. When no belligerent is present in the vicinity, SCP-2617-A instances typically move towards the location of SCP-2617.

SCP-2617-A instances are capable of autonomous movement, travelling at an average velocity of 1.2 km/h. They typically display high levels of coordination with one another, despite having no identifiable means of communication. They also have no difficulty in orientation, despite lacking sensory organs such as eyes and ears.

SCP-2617-B refers to an assortment of weapons, operated by SCP-2617-A instances. They are similarly constructed out of ice, and are 1:1 scale replicas of weapons fielded by contemporary Soviet and Russian militaries. All instances of SCP-2617-A are armed with at least one instance of SCP-2617-B when manifested. The functionality of SCP-2617-B instances is comparable to respective non-anomalous counterparts, despite unknown means to propel ammunition. Below is an abridged list of SCP-2617-B instances.


Formation of SCP-2617-C at ██████, USSR.

SCP-2617-C is a nimbus cloud formed over the designated site, precipitating ice crystals. The precipitation of ice crystals is utilised by SCP-2617-A and SCP-2617-B for regeneration, using them to repair broken portions. These ice crystals are also used as 'ammunition' for SCP-2617-B instances that possess a gun component.

SCP-2617-A and SCP-2617-B instances that are outside SCP-2617-C are unable to regenerate, although they retain their solid phase at room temperature. When outside the borders of the Russian Federation, they will undergo sublimation.4 Incineration is also capable of terminating instances of SCP-2617-A and SCP-2617-B.

The Foundation was first made aware of SCP-2617 after its deployment by the USSR during the winter of 1941. Despite official denial by the Soviet leadership, evidence from the Wehrmacht and Foundation intelligence have verified the existence of SCP-2617. Below is a translated transcript from the Wehrmacht, mentioning instances of SCP-2617-A in the Eastern Front.

The enemy continues to pursue us, as though they do not need sleep. Their bodies are not of flesh, but of ice. Our bullets could not stop them. They do not negotiate. They only slaughter.

Between 1941 to 1943, there have been about ██ reported manifestations of SCP-2617-(A-C) within the USSR. As SCP-2617 was then under GRU-P control, containment was initially not possible. That said, intelligence was able to pinpoint the GRU-P facility wherein SCP-2617 is held.

On ██/██/1992, a recovery team was dispatched to the GRU-P facility and SCP-2617 was successfully secured without incident. The facility was found to have been abandoned.

Addendum 2617-1: Despite its discovery in 1941, historic accounts have suggested that SCP-2617 (or entities similar to SCP-2617-A) had been active since the 18th century. Below are translated excerpts from Byliny of the Tsars, a book authored by members of the Tsar's Seers.5

And Tsar Peter commanded the Grigori to strike against the Caroleans. And the Grigori obeyed, enveloping the land and seas in ice. A mighty host of warriors was unleashed upon the Caroleans, each of them a warrior carved in ice.

Upon Tsar Alexander's command, the Grigori obeyed and a mighty host of warriors descended upon the land. Under the veil of winter, the host of carved soldiers cast themselves upon the Great Army of many nations. And like the Caroleans before then, ice and death await them.

Addendum 2617-2: Due to a suspected connection between SCP-2617 and the "Grigori" entity, Father Mikhail6 was called in for the following interview.

Addendum 2617-3: The following message is decoded from transmissions emitted from SCP-2617.

Addendum 2617-4: According to intelligence reports, on ██/██/1943, about █,███ instances of SCP-2617-A are reported to be converging towards the location of SCP-2617. A Red Army battalion has intercepted them near the village of ███████, USSR, and successfully terminated all known instances via incendiary weapons. Moscow blamed the resultant damage on a German-led assault on the village.

Since ██/██/1943, manifestations of SCP-2617-(A-C) have significantly decreased.

Addendum 2617-9: The following message is decoded from transmissions emitted from SCP-2617 on January 7th, 1974.

Addendum 2617-15: GRU Profile on Eugene Ivanoff. Majority of the original document is rendered illegible.

Name: Eugene Nicolaievich Ivanoff
Nationality: Russian


Area of Interest: Claims to be Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich (claim debunked)


Addendum: Subject transferred to Division "P" for Project 617. Believed to be suitable candidate for conditioning.

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