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Item #: SCP-2615

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Large-scale dissemination of the falsified information to the public that SCP-2615-A are fictional entities is to be continuously carried out. The claims of individuals that SCP-2615 is real are to be discredited. Any photographic, video, textual, or other information confirming the existence of SCP-2615 is either to be discredited or removed from public availability.

A file entitled SCP-2615-J is to be created as a cover for SCP-2615 activity. This file is to be humorous in tone, incorporate modern SCP-2615 stereotypes, and be created using the SCP documentation standardized format. This document is to be filed with a collection of similar documents, all labeled with the suffix "-J" and written as humorous items or anecdotes in the SCP format. This collection of documents may be expanded by personnel, but it is to be made clear that all "-J" files are fictional, and intended only for the purpose of humor. In the event that any personnel without access to SCP-2615 begins to consider the possible existence of SCP-2615, they are to be directed to the SCP-2615-J document.

In the event that a manifestation of SCP-2615 is confirmed, it is to be secured and detained by Mobile Task Forces Eta-12 ("Fe 0C°") and Mu-7 ("Parish Priests") until demanifestation.

Description: SCP-2615 is the collective designation for a species of extra-temporal humanoids (SCP-2615-A) and their civilization and culture (SCP-2615-B). The presence of SCP-2615 in baseline reality is directly related to human acceptance of the concept of SCP-2615 as fact. The more humans which accept the concept of SCP-2615 as fact, the greater the presence of SCP-2615 in our timeline. Similarly, the greater the amount of the population which is aware of SCP-2615's concept without believing it is fact, the less presence SCP-2615 has in our reality.

SCP-2615-A is a species of humanoids. Instances of SCP-2615-A are physiologically very similar to humans, with some notable divergences. The ears of SCP-2615-A taper to a point at the helixes, slightly improving instances' ability to detect low-volume sounds. SCP-2615 instances are also pentachromats1. Instances age at a slower rate than humans, with the average natural lifespan being 109 years. Most notably, SCP-2615-A instances possess a small, roughly spherical organ located between the liver and stomach, near the gallbladder. This organ appears connected to the instance's nervous system, and is capable of temporarily causing small disruptions in local reality, granting the instance low-level reality altering abilities.

The psychology of SCP-2615-A also differs from humanity. Instances almost universally possess some form of minor Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. While mostly non-sociopathic, SCP-2615-A instances tend to display highly manipulative tendencies. Finally, SCP-2615-A possess a minimum of two identified emotions with no clear human analogue.

SCP-2615-B designates the civilization and culture of SCP-2615-A instances. From information recorded during SCP-2615 manifestations, Foundation historians have been able to construct a partial history of SCP-2615-B, as it would appear should SCP-2615 ever fully manifest in reality. SCP-2615-B history has been categorized into three main periods, as outlined in Addendum 1.

Addendum 1:

Addendum 2:

A common question asked by new members to the SCP-2615 containment project is why we go through the trouble of maintaining the -J article, or why we even made it in the first place. Why not just keep doing the same thing that we do to the public to personnel? The main reason is that it doesn't work. Sure, we can keep telling people that SCP-2615 is all a big myth, but take a second and look around you. Half of the things we contain are what myths are made of. We can keep telling people that SCP-2615 is impossible, but these people work with the impossible every day. As soon as people see what's behind these doors, they begin to wonder what other impossibilities might exist. They begin to wonder about bigfoot, and the bedtime stories their parents used to read them, and the cure for cancer, and they begin to wonder about faeries. And so, we turn faeries into a joke, let people have a laugh at the impossibility of faeries, and leave them thinking just how silly they were to think that they existed. -Josephine Fujimoto

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