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Item #: SCP-2614

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2614 is to be kept in a locked container in the personal office of Dr. Schmidt. Requests to research SCP-2614 must be forwarded to his office.

Description: SCP-2614 is a DVD copy of the fifth season of the television drama The Sopranos. The disc itself is moderately scratched, consistent with deterioration after heavy use. The object does not bear any marks of origin, although the word "BOOKSHELF" written in black marker obscures the title logo on the top face.

When played, SCP-2614 is non-anomalous unless an action is performed during a scene where a character is watching the film █████ ██████. If the Play button is pressed on any working remote device, the viewer is granted control of the camera view through the device's directional pad and the center button used for forward movement. The camera is free-moving and fully maneuverable. Upon the performance of this action, it is not possible to revert to the previous non-anomalous state without ejecting the object and thoroughly cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.

After assuming control of the camera, the show's setting will begin to elapse in real time. As such, characters have been observed to continue interacting after what would normally have been a scene transition. It is not possible to fast-forward or rewind. Judging by the apparent in-universe date at the outset, the user would have to wait three days and fourteen hours and navigate the camera to a strip club known to be frequented by associates of the DiMeo Family, in order to be present for the next chronological broadcast scene.

The POV cannot pass through solid objects. If maneuvered out of the Soprano residence, it is theoretically possible to ascend to deep space, although this is not feasible given the rate of travel.

The movement of this observational point is not bounded in three dimensions. Recent research has succeeded in navigating the camera to Boston, MA. It appears that the world depicted contains numerous cities populated by actual individuals. However, despite the show's realism, its own stylistic flourishes and nature as a television show — such as major characters being unusually audible in social settings — continue to be apparent. These, which might be referred to as "meta-anomalies", are not acknowledged by characters or "bystanders."

The POV itself cannot manipulate the environment but is capable of entering the settings of other visual media if it is directed to move into an in-universe television or computer screen until the image occupies the entire field of view. From that point, the camera can be navigated into other screens in that setting, and so on potentially indefinitely.

Researchers concede the impossibility of fully mapping these mimetic universes, although efforts are ongoing. Since these mediums can potentially differ radically from their parent universe - such as actors existing as their actual character portrayal - it is possible to enter alternate or unknown media.

What follows is a transcript log of mimetic travel and accounts of what can be referred to as extra- or supra-canonical material.

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