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Item #: SCP-2611

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2611 is to be contained in a standard, Class-C humanoid containment cell in Wing-J at Site-47. SCP-2611 is to be denied exceptionally fatty foods and is required to engage in at least one hour of light exercise every two to three days, as needed and judged safe by site physicians. SCP-2611 is under the impression that it is still hospitalized. Every forty-five days (or as needed, per standard obfuscation protocols), SCP-2611 is to be administered an amnestic and be processed through a readmission script to maintain this impression.

To placate SCP-2611-1, SCP-2611 is required to watch at least eight hours of television programming per day. Though SCP-2611-1 may request additional programs to be added, this television programming is limited to the following subjects: court television, soap operas, game shows, crafting programs, and talk shows (excluding anything which has medical information about the hazards of excessive weight gain). Television shows must be screened before allowing SCP-2611 or SCP-2611-1 to view them.

Description: SCP-2611 is a human female standing approximately 156 cm. SCP-2611 is largely immobile due to its immense weight (currently, approximately 250 kg) and is confined to a hospital bed. SCP-2611 suffers from several diseases related to its weight, most notably sleep apnea and diabetes. With the exception of the presence of SCP-2611-1, there is nothing remarkable about SCP-2611.

SCP-2611-1 is a sentient mass of fat cells located on the left flank of SCP-2611. SCP-2611-1 is completely integrated with SCP-2611's vital organs. When originally contained, SCP-2611-1 exercised only limited control over SCP-2611's body at times, usually when SCP-2611 was unconscious. However, over the past █ years, SCP-2611-1 has increased its control of SCP-2611. Currently, SCP-2611 is only considered fully cognizant of its surroundings for approximately one to two hours per day.

While SCP-2611-1 is in control of SCP-2611's body, SCP-2611-1 can perform rudimentary communication, force SCP-2611 to move, and controls most of SCP-2611's body functions. Previously, SCP-2611-1 used this control to force SCP-2611 to consume massive amounts of food.

Though SCP-2611-1 is capable of speech, learning, and advanced thought, SCP-2611-1's primary interests are related to daytime television programs which it previously viewed with SCP-2611. Though several interviews have been conducted with SCP-2611, no information about its origin, nature, or further interests have been observed. All interviews invariably turn to the programs being watched and the information conveyed in those programs. How SCP-2611-1 controls SCP-2611 or stores thoughts and memories has yet to be determined, though amnestics have shown no effect on SCP-2611-1. A log of relevant, useful research information has been compiled and is available for reading (See Addendum: SCP-2611 Interview Logs).

SCP-2611's health has continued to deteriorate since its recovery, and there is currently no known way to enable SCP-2611-1 to exist outside of SCP-2611 or transfer it to another host. Research is ongoing.

Recovery: SCP-2611 and SCP-2611-1 first came to the attention of the Foundation when SCP-2611 entered the hospital due to excessive weight gain in August of 20██. SCP-2611 had, until three months prior, weighed approximately 80 kilograms. Over the course of ninety days, SCP-2611's weight doubled, putting excessive strain on SCP-2611's joints and muscles. During routine examinations, polysomnographies performed to diagnose sleep apnea revealed somnambulism and what was originally believed to be schizophrenia. After MRI scans revealed a large, compact mass of fat that somehow integrated with SCP-2611's major organ groups, Foundation physicians intervened and determined the existence of SCP-2611-1. SCP-2611 was moved to Site-47, where it has remained for the past █ years.

Addendum: SCP-2611 Interview Logs

All logs have been heavily edited of extraneous information. The remaining pieces of information are believed to have actual research value. Those wishing to examine unedited logs may submit requests directly to Dr. Crow.

June 3, 20██:

Researcher ████: So, we were talking about SCP-2611. Have you always been inside her?

SCP-2611-1: Haha! Yeah, of course. Where else? Oh, shit, Jerry, you gotta look out for that shit. Jesus.

Researcher ████: You've never lived anywhere else?

SCP-2611-1: Why would I? This is home.

November 14, 20██:

SCP-2611-1: No, no Whoopi, don't you DARE disrespect her! BARBARA HAS DONE NOTHING TO DESERVE THAT!

Researcher ████: You tell her! Haha! I love this stuff.

SCP-2611-1: I know. It's so much better than the crap the last guy watched.

Researcher ████: The last guy?

SCP-2611-1: Oh, shit. That's it. THAT'S IT BARBARA!

Researcher ████: Who was the last guy, Twenty-Six-Eleven?

SCP-2611-1: Shhh… I think they have Keanu today…

No further information on previous hosts has been recovered from conversations with SCP-2611-1. Attempts to question SCP-2611-1 about the possibility have led to SCP-2611 becoming unresponsive.

February 19, 20██:

Researcher ████: Oh my god. Did he just swallow that?

SCP-2611-1, gagging audibly: Oh, god, that's disgusting.

Researcher ████: Holy crap. Can they show that on daytime television?

SCP-2611-1: Kill it. Kill it. I don't care if I die.

Researcher ████: What?

SCP-2611-1: I said it's disgusting! Who the hell does that? Oh god. Haha!

It is currently believed that SCP-2611 may have assumed control during this time, but during a later cognizant event, SCP-2611 could not recall speaking. It is possible that SCP-2611-1 may have more control of SCP-2611's memories and mental condition than previously believed or that SCP-2611 is experiencing trauma capable of damaging these memories while SCP-2611-1 is in control. Further research is necessary.

April 30, 20██:

SCP-2611-1, crying: God… How can they treat her like that? She loved you, John! She loved you!

Researcher ████: I know. God. It just kills you, doesn't it?

SCP-2611-1: It does. God, I'm so lonely. I wish one of the others would come and visit me…

Researcher ████: One of the others?

SCP-2611-1: Oh, Hope. Don't worry. He'll learn. He'll understand.

The above log has led to several investigations in hospitals across the globe, all without results. It is currently unknown how many instances of SCP-2611-1 may be present in the population at large; however, given the sharp rise in obesity through North America and Europe over the past two decades, the number may be exceptionally high.

Currently, efforts to screen obese children in schools have had no results, though early stage infestations—typified by weight gain and periods of lost time—may have been identified in ███ individuals, all of which are currently under observation. No other late stage instances have been identified.

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