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Item#: SCP-2609

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A live, healthy laboratory mouse implanted with a GPS tracking system is to be fixed securely to SCP-2609’s base no less than 30 minutes preceding an anomalous event produced by SCP-2609 (henceforth referred to simply as an 'event'). Absolutely no personnel are permitted within 15 meters of SCP-2609 during the 10 minutes preceding an event.

Upon an event occurring, MTF Pi-61 will retrieve SCP-2609 utilizing the GPS tracking system.

Upon recovery and re-containment of SCP-2609, its light emission pattern is to be used to determine the time of its next event via Equation 2609-03. SCP-2609 should be stored in a standard containment locker when there is not an impending event.

Following Event 2609-276 and the subsequent incident, interaction with any SCP object or entity in the moments preceding an SCP-2609 event is strongly discouraged. The time and date of the next SCP-2609 event will be updated following each event and provided to the heads of other Sites and Areas by the Site-15 faculty, for use at their discretion.

Description: SCP-2609 is a standard household tabletop lamp. Although SCP-2609’s power cord is intact, SCP-2609 does not need a power source to provide light or produce events. Additionally, the light bulb of SCP-2609 cannot be removed from the rest of the object without breaking. Attempts to otherwise disable SCP-2609 have also been unsuccessful (see Addendum SCP-2609-B). Complete destruction of SCP-2609 has not yet been attempted.

SCP-2609 emits brief flashes of light in a distinct pattern. The time between flashes and the intensity of the flash both correspond to the time remaining until an event, with the interval decreasing and the brightness increasing the closer SCP-2609 is to an event2. This relation has been quantified, expressed by Equation 2609-03, and can be used to predict the time of the next event within 0.8 seconds. However, time between events varies.

Upon an event occurring, a flash of light approximately two orders of magnitude brighter than any other emission by SCP-2609 is observed. SCP-2609 and any living organic matter within approximately 11 meters of it are then instantaneously teleported to an apparently random location. These destinations have all been located on the surface of Earth, with the exceptions of Events 2609-121 and 2609-180 (see Addendum SCP-2609-C). SCP-2609 has not as of yet teleported to the same location twice, with the closest two locations being approximately 21 kilometers apart3.

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