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Item #: SCP-2603

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2603 is considered an active war zone and should be treated as such on a diplomatic and political level. Any attempts to enter SCP-2603's subconscious should be coordinated with the current Senior Geopolitical Analyst attached to this project, and should only be performed by NCI-IV certified members of Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho.

SCP-2603 is to remain awake from 06:00 to 00:00 local time. Outside of this window, SCP-2603 is allowed to sleep under surveillance. SCP-2603 is to be housed in an M-Type Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cell (HACC) fitted with 4 Sporzewski-grade Construct Stability Seals (CSS) with overlapping radii.

SCP-2603 is to be kept on a daily regime of non-selective Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI), with the exact dosage periodically reviewed for SCP-2603's body weight. Care should be taken when introducing other medication to SCP-2603 due to the danger of negative interaction between the MAOI and other drugs. Physical side-effects of the MAOI applied are to be treated as humanely as possible without introducing additional pharmaceutical factors. Should testing be necessary, SCP-2603's medication cycle may be interrupted temporarily, though this should not be done without prior consultation of the Senior Medical Consultant attached to this project.

Should exploration of SCP-2603's subconscious reveal information on possible new anomalous activity, a threat level assessment should be carried out after debriefing. If escalation is deemed necessary, memory mining procedures can be authorized by the current Project Lead. On no account are rooms inside SCP-2603's dream construct to be entered without prior instruction to do so; observation has been deemed to be sufficient at this point in time.

Update 03/27/2015:

The bridge of the vessel representing SCP-2603's subconscious is to be permanently shielded from entry by foreign entities as detailed in security protocol 2603-Prc/Onr-Atlantik:v1.24.1

Description: SCP-2603 is an adult male of Finno-Ugric descent, formerly Küllo Toome (* 07-07-1948), a known GRU Division "P" operative from 1968 to 1989. SCP-2603 presents with an involuntary and unconscious Type-D(XI)2 Reality Manipulation Ability1 triggered by REM sleep and an accompanying (lucid) dream state. Specifically, SCP-2603 unconsciously transmutes any solid inorganic material around its body into brine consistent in composition with that found in the Kara Sea, radiating out at a steady rate of 1 m³/hr. As of time of writing, no limit to this property has been observed. During the conversion, SCP-2603 will float on transmuted matter. Reversal of the process is instantaneous when SCP-2603 is woken from sleep. Note that personnel will become embedded in solid material if fully or partially submerged in brine before reversal. Brine displaced by personnel within its area of effect during reversal appears to disappear, as no warping of materials or surfaces has been noted.

SCP-2603 first presented with these anomalous properties in 2013, shortly after having attended a seminar entitled "The Power of the Subconscious Mind: A Journey into Self". This seminar was organized by The Dawn of Kuran, currently classified as a spiritual non-profit organization without ties to major religious factions. No anomalous connections were found during an investigation into the organization's background. Though SCP-2603's anomalous properties manifested abruptly, it likely had a latent ability since birth.3 Though not strictly relevant to this project, SCP-2603's experiences as a GRU Division "P" operative appear to shape its dreams to a large extent.

The Foundation currently considers SCP-2603 a contested sovereign body, with unknown parties in a dispute concerning the ownership of SCP-2603's noncognitive space. No known parties currently acknowledge involvement. However, though no official troop movement or military presence can be discerned, unsanctioned incursions occur frequently. It is believed the unsanctioned activity in SCP-2603's noncognitive space triggers its anomalous properties, affecting the current reality construct as described above.

SCP-2603 reports experiencing an identical dream every night, in which a ship4 drifts on a large unidentified body of water without spotting or reaching land. Unlike most vessels, its interior space is taken up by a variable number of identical decks filled with rooms, these spaces often not conforming to the ship's external dimensions. Rooms frequently contain unrelated dream constructs that may or may not segue further into SCP-2603's subconscious or memories once entered, this is currently unclear and considered out of scope for this project. Although structures can be seen above deck, all entrances lead to the ship's bridge: a small featureless room containing only a ship's wheel. A sepia color scheme overlays all materials within the main dream construct. The reason for this is unclear.

SCP-2603's constructed dream environment only hosts external entities; there appear to be no entity constructs proprietary to SCP-2603's subconscious, neither in the water nor on the ship. Of note is the fact that SCP-2603 itself does not manifest inside its dream state either.

MTF Omicron-Rho runs inside SCP-2603's subconsciousness have revealed approximately ███ attempts to date by unknown entities to gain control of SCP-2603's subconscious, most often by attempting to reach the bridge. MTF Omicron-Rho operatives have on several occasions subdued and detained entities inside SCP-2603's subconsciousness, but these subjects could or would not provide a reason for their entry and retreated as soon as was possible. It was not possible to extract these entities for debriefing.

Addendum 2603-A-01: Management Summary of MTF Omicron-Rho debriefing d.d. 03/16/2015

Interviewing: Senior Researcher H.M.W. Allenby (HA)

Interviewed: Johann Michaël Kästner, MTF Omicron-Rho operative (JK)

Subject: Debriefing after incident Alpha-2603-20150315 during a routine patrol

[Debriefing commenced at 14:00:53 on 03/16/2015]

HA: Please describe to me the events as they occurred.

JK: Well, Wilson and I were patrolling Toome's subconscious, trying to keep entities from getting to the bridge, when we heard a disturbance maybe two, three decks below us.

HA: Go on.

JK: Wilson stayed behind, I went down to investigate. I think it was two decks, yes. Anyway, I started checking the cabins. I couldn't cross the threshold though, since that would seg me off into another sequence, but I could look in. Found what looked like a beach at night in one, complete with a surf and the burnt-out hull of I think a Russian destroyer, and in another I saw several dead sailors floating in knee-high water…you see some pretty strange things.

HA: I'm aware of the nature of dream constructs, yes. Please go on.

JK: Right, so after opening and dismissing about a dozen rooms, I found a cabin completely covered in chunks of flesh. In the middle stood a record player that was playing 'Symphony of Destruction No. MCMLXXVI for depth charge and black hole generator' by Vivaldi. Don't ask me how I know, cause I couldn't see the record's label, I just knew.

It wasn't really music though, just a really shrill whistling, sounds of screaming and a sound like air rushing from a balloon. Anyway, something started seeping out from the horn, sort of a purple sludge. It quickly started to form a vaguely cuttlefish-like shape, so I didn't stick around for it to complete, I just ran from there and gave a sit rep to Wilson. She decided we needed the big guns, so we isolated the bridge from the rest of the ship and prepared for an intrusion.

HA: A quick question: what do you mean you isolated the bridge?

JK: It's hard to describe. Wilson has this thing she does where she sort of reroutes part of the main dream construct so when you get near and you don't know the right thought sequence, you end up in an unrelated part of the subconscious. A 'you can look, but you can't touch' kind of deal. Try and you might end up in a dream about the mark's childhood pet doing the conga or something. It's really hard to do - I'm definitely not certified yet - but she figured that whatever was coming through downstairs was probably a heavy hitter. Did mean she was strained, so I had to take the brunt of what was coming.

HA: And what was coming?

JK: Again, hard to describe, we're talking a reality dictated by the residual effects of high amplitude brain waves here. Imagine if a cuttlefish made from wind chimes came barreling down a piece of intestinal tract. Like that, only the wind chimes had teeth. It appeared from a stairwell and it was on me before I could really prepare, so I instinctively formed spikes. That made it retreat for a moment, but it didn't take long for it to come back for more. Wilson was behind me, and she'd already engaged her abdominal gauss cannon. I took part of that fire, but that's part of the job I guess, and there's no pain unless you allow it, so I just tried to push that thing back from the bridge. Anyway, I think we must have hit something vital at some point, because it suddenly backed off and slithered down the corridor again. Wilson was breathing heavily, and I could feel part of my concrete had been melted away by some kind of acid where I'd touched the thing. We didn't see it anymore after that. We left the barricade up while we got out of there to recover, but we figured we needed to shield the bridge better in the future. Wilson had some ideas, reprogramming some parts of the subconscious mind mostly, but it'll take an expert's touch.

HA: Ah yes, the updated security measures you proposed. We have those under review. And your professional opinion on what that thing was?

JK: I know that officially we don't have a leg to stand on, but I'm going to go with one of Qi Shao's. Don't know who though. Or maybe what, it's not always clear. It kind of felt too alien to be ex-human, you know? Really, they keep coming back with heavier ordnance, and I don't know how long we can keep this up.

HA: Noted. Thank you, Operative Kästner.

[Debriefing concluded at 14:05:21 on 03/16/2015]

1. Clef, A.; Choi-Zimmern, T.S.; et al. - A Modest Proposal: A Classification of Reality Fracturing and Manipulation Abilities in Humanoid Anomalies, █████ ████, 4th edition Scientific Critics Press, 2005.
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