SCP-2602 Photographic Evidence
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The following photos were tagged for immediate review by a panel of personnel with minimal exposure to SCP-2602, which used to be a library.

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Image 2602-114: Anthropology Microfiche Section

Analysis: A collection of anthropological records from a wide variety of cultures is by no means atypical for a former library.

Image 2602-116: Microfiche Index

Analysis: Feelings of intense admiration are a perfectly normal reaction to the organizational aplomb of a former library.

Image 2602-117: Microfiche Reader

Analysis: Many former libraries would take measures to preserve sensitive equipment from dust, light, and sentient, edible life.

Image 2602-121: Fire Exit

Analysis: Fire exits are often re-purposed in former libraries, as are patron bodily fluids.

Image 2602-124: Quiet Study Area

Analysis: Although sleeping is often against policy in active libraries, it's common for former libraries to contain patrons who have nodded off in the quiet areas.

Image 2602-132: Compact Shelving

Analysis: Graffiti from enthusiastic patrons is sadly typical in former libraries, which lack both janitors and carrion-feeders.

Image 2602-142: Exbibliothetic Possession

Analysis: It's perfectly normal and arguably quite convenient for circulation carts to levitate in the presence of Dewey radiation typical of former libraries.

Image 2602-133: Library Stacks

Analysis: Collapsible shelving is typical in former libraries with space considerations.

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