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Image removed by order of O5-██, for driving personnel members barking mad with its… cuteness!

Item #: SCP-2600-CU

Object Class: It's, uh, cute.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2600-CU is to be… huggled? Huggled. It is to be huggled at least once per day, by Assistant Researcher Betsy Stu. All personnel capable of tolerating SCP-2600-CU's presence adorableness1 are to be permanently stationed within Site-56, which contains only SCP-2600-CU, as any other artifact would be overwhelmed by its arcane powers adorable face. Personnel who suffer organ failure or hemorrhaging from huggling SCP-2600-CU are clearly unworthy of its adorable love.

Description: SCP-2600-CU is the cutest little thing. Anything written or spoken about SCP-2600-CU is to praise its adorable little… face? Other body parts may also be praised as they are identified.

SCP-2600-CU is the cutest… organism ever! It has six super sweet eyes, made of the most d'aww inspiring viscous fluids! Look at the cute tentacle… wentacle? The slime feels like… ohgodimgonnapuke rainbows! Sometimes it leaks, but it does this little shrug/spasm that lets you know it's all okay! When it moves, sometimes it can bend through walls and listen to every word, so make sure you know we love it thiiiis much!

Occasionally, it has spurted out massive amounts of liquids, which have been dubbed Cutie Fluids. These usually occur from SCP-2600-CU's cutie spots, which pulsate and grow when the adorable-ness levels become overwhelming! They are also known to burst when shedding, requiring frequent cleanup from all of SCP-2600-CU's best friends!

Any personnel who do not wish to participate in praising how adorable SCP-2600-CU may participate in other activities, such as hanging up posters around Site-56 about the glorious adorable little dance it does, or creating documentation of it to send to other sites. MTF-Psi-9 "Those Poor Bastards" have been assigned with finding a breeding partner for SCP-2600-CU so that the whole planet may revel in its cuteness!

Pleasehelp Any personnel who are mean to SCP-2600-CU are to be sent to time-out, or assigned to cleaning up the naughty corner.

Addendum: Researcher Boyd was performing mandatory interactions with SCP-2600-CU, and made the mistake of going off-script, asking it "if it had been a bad widdle guy!" which caused it to become agitated. Researchers were able to placate SCP-2600-CU with minimal casualties, after assuring SCP-2600-CU that Researcher Boyd had been acting alone, and they all loved it very much.

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