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Item #: SCP-2596

Object Class: Euclid (previously Safe)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2596 is to be kept in a modified containment chamber at Reliquary Site-25, equipped with water drain flooring and transparent plexiglass ceiling. The water drain is to be connected to a storage chamber underneath the containment chamber. The storage chamber is to be emptied once per week.

Subjects placed on SCP-2596 for at least one minute continuously are to be treated for wounds upon their exit from SCP-2596. Under normal circumstances, subjects placed on SCP-2596 are required to exit SCP-2596 when they are placed there for 2.5 minutes continuously. Approval from Project Head/2596 is required for experiments involving a subject placed on SCP-2596 for at least three minutes continuously.

Description: SCP-2596 is a wooden raft with a surface area of 2.4 m2. It is constructed entirely from wooden shards affixed together via an adhesive agent. Due to its makeshift appearance, irregularly-shaped openings are found throughout SCP-2596. Following the events of Experiment 2596/04, the openings secrete non-anomalous fresh water at a constant rate of 100 mL/s. Therefore, SCP-2596 has sustained significant water damage.

Humans placed on SCP-2596 (hereon referred to as 'subjects') will immediately experience visual and auditory hallucinations. They will consistently perceive their environment to be an overcast area of high brightness levels. Auditory hallucinations primarily involve words spoken in the subjects' arterial language, urging them to forget or turn back. Despite apparent similarities with [DATA EXPUNGED], subjects retain sufficient agency to choose not to comply with the auditory hallucinations and any ties to [DATA EXPUNGED] is deemed to be either superficial or coincidental.

As subjects remain on SCP-2596 for a continuous duration, puncture wounds will manifest on their palms and feet. If subjects leave SCP-2596 while the wounds are manifesting, further manifestation will cease upon exit.

If subjects remain on SCP-2596 for more than three minutes continuously, they will vanish instantaneously. Their clothes and accessories (e.g. jewelry, implants, piercings) will remain on SCP-2596. In addition, the subjects' blood will secrete from the openings on SCP-2596, with the only known exception being the events of Experiment 2596/03. Prior to vanishment, subjects are capable of exiting SCP-2596 if they desire so.

SCP-2596 was discovered in the basement of a private property near Lake Geneva on ██/██/2005. The property served as a safe house for the Vera Crux Heresy.1 Below is an excerpt of a pamphlet circulated among sect members, urging them to attend a gathering on ██/██/2005.

The True Cross is united. The fragments no longer lie in mindless idolatry. Come to Lake Geneva. We will embark on the vessel to Heaven and be in communion with the Lord.

As such, a raid on said property was conducted by Mobile Task Force Alpha-26 ("Devour Dawn"). During the raid, one Vera Crux Heresy member offered heavy resistance and attempted to deny access to the safe house's basement. Eventually, he was terminated by Foundation personnel.

No other members of the Vera Crux Heresy were found, although their clothes and personal effects were found in the basement and they were confirmed to have entered it. Blood samples collected from SCP-2596's vicinity are believed to have originated from them, thus it is assumed that the other members have utilised SCP-2596.

Intelligence gathered from the Horizon Initiative suggests that the Vera Crux Heresy was neutralised by Project Malleus2 following the raid on the safe house near Lake Geneva. However, no member of Project Malleus was present during said raid.

Addendum 2596-1: Selected Experiment Logs; see Document 2596-Alpha for a complete list of experiment logs.

Addendum 2596-2: On ██/██/2006, MTF A-26 conducted a raid on a Project Malleus stronghold at Astrakhan, Russia. A person resembling D-8375 was among the persons apprehended from the stronghold. His identity was later verified via valid identification tattoos, and he was subsequently interrogated.

Addendum 2596-3: Since ██/██/2006, water secreted from SCP-2596 is identified to be a mixture of fresh water and human saliva (in significantly high proportions). Subsequent meta-analysis indicates a DNA match with precipitation samples obtained via secondary instances of SCP-2198. In response, Senior Researcher Hamlin has hypothesised a spatial anomaly between SCP-2596 and an area affected by a secondary instance of SCP-2198.

Using [DATA EXPUNGED], meteorological data has been cross-referenced and about 100 locations in central Russia have been shortlisted as potential exit points from SCP-2596.

Usage of SCP-2596 is hypothesised to allow Foundation personnel to pinpoint the exact coordinates of the aforementioned exit points. However, implementation is currently put on hiatus due to low priority and ethical concerns.

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