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Item #: SCP-2591

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2591 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-25.

Personnel in charge of SCP-2591 are to be trained in the use of small firearms. In the event that SCP-2591 expresses the desire to self-terminate, containment staff are to offer assistance and shoot SCP-2591 once in the forehead. All staff are advised that these incidents have occurred [REDACTED] times in the past month with no ill effects on the overall health of SCP-2591, and that execution of this request will extend cooperation on the part of SCP-2591.

As an incentive for good behavior, SCP-2591 may be provided tap water in a plastic wine glass, and if questioned, is to be informed that the water is actually an aged Merlot from the vineyards of "St. Augustine's Convent in the southern peninsula of Apostasia." Due to sensory issues inherent with its condition, SCP-2591 will believe this to be true.

SCP-2591-Omega is to remain on standby mode indefinitely in a maximum-security containment vault at Site-25. All readings are to be constantly monitored and submitted to Project Bifrost staff.

Description: SCP-2591 is an animate human cadaver, possessing a regenerative ability to extend life. As a result of this regeneration, SCP-2591's skin condition mimics the effects of mummification. It is estimated that SCP-2591 has been alive since the thirteenth century CE.

Though decay has resulted in diminished sensory capabilities, SCP-2591 can move, displays advanced intelligence, and is fluent in Italian, English, and French.1 It will answer to the name Riccardo and claims to be the duke of the (historically nonexistent) Papal State of Apostasia.

SCP-2591 appears to be in a near-constant state of emotional distress brought about by events earlier in its life, and will frequently express the desire to commit suicide. Following a suicide attempt, SCP-2591's wounds will recover and it will awaken in a state of confusion.

Interviewer: Dr. Isaiah Henderson
Interviewed: SCP-2591

<Begin Log>

Dr. Henderson: Good morning, SCP-2591, I hope you're—

SCP-2591: How can any one waking morn embody virtue / when my heart has been conquered, then trampled by basest cruelty / leaving me to pine in solitude!

Dr. Henderson: Please discontinue singing.

SCP-2591: My apologies, 'tis but reflex. What is on today's itinerary?

Dr. Henderson: Nothing out of the ordinary, I'm afraid. I've come to ask you some more questions about your life history.

SCP-2591: Then speak, I pray you, lest wanton fallen angels close the gates of thy mouth for—

Dr. Henderson: When we last met, we covered your brother's seduction of your bride, Giulietta. What happened after that?

SCP-2591: Remind me not of that dreadful day! I confronted my dearest Giulietta to assuage her of the rakish devilry with which Count Pietro had so stained her virgin heart. Alas, she tore my soul from the cockles of my [redacted for brevity]

Dr. Henderson: Please move on.

SCP-2591: Pardon?

Dr. Henderson: Nothing. Sorry, just— Just go on. Giulietta broke your heart. Then what?

SCP-2591: If you so insist, I shall strive forth to close this dreadful chapter of the wrongly paginated dictionary of my immortal soul. As I fell onto my aching knees and plead unto her for to see salvation in [redacted for brevity]

Dr. Henderson: You begged her to take you back, then what.

SCP-2591: Then, like a tempest of bladed autumn leaves soaked in the blood of baptized orphans, Count Pietro ran into the courtyard as I [redacted for brevity]

Dr. Henderson: What did Count Pietro do?

SCP-2591: The villain, believing that her heart had once again become mine, he drew his damnable hellspike of a sword and pierced her heart ere she could be saved by my [redacted for brevity]

Dr. Henderson: So he killed Giulietta. Then what?

SCP-2591: My eyes became as painted dragons of justice in the alphabet picture books of hell! In vengeance for my forever-and-always bride, I drew my rapier in turn, and with a cry of "Justice for my fallen beloved, Mother Mary, prithee, if I win, may she yet be taken to Elysium!" I—

[SCP-2591 hesitates.]

Dr. Henderson: You killed Count Pietro?

SCP-2591: Nay. Neither did the foul rake kill me.

Dr. Henderson: What did you do?

SCP-2591: Apologies, it is difficult to explain. We held our vicious stance, prepared to slit each others' throats, and yet made no move. We were entranced, and sung nary a word. It was not our intent to engage in such queer stasis; in truth, I know not why it happened. It had continued for years, taking the both of us far beyond our natural lifespans. [redacted for brevity]

<End Log>

(Following this interview, Dr. Henderson, upon request, was reassigned to SCP-████.)

Recovery Log: SCP-2591 was discovered through the usage of SCP-2591-Omega, which is an experimental prototype of a dimensional gateway found in the ruins of Prometheus Labs. Project Bifrost was established by the Foundation to resume full functionality of SCP-2591-Omega.

After [REDACTED] failed attempts, a connection was established to a relatively stable realm, designated Reality-GBICR259101. MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") was dispatched to explore the area and report any anomalous findings.

Reality-GBICR2XX01 Exploration Log

<Begin Log>

Agent ████████: Camera feed okay?

Dr. Henderson: Video reception didn't make it through the gate, but I can hear you. What are you looking at?

Agent ████████: The area resembles a European seaside village at sunset. I wanna say Spain. Seems harmless enough.

Dr. Henderson: Keep your eye out regardless.

Agent ████████: Yeah, I figured you wouldn't send Mole Rats to do your vacations for you.

Dr. Henderson: Cut the jokes. Any lifeforms?

Agent ████████: Town's barren for the most part. We'll keep you posted.

[redacted for relevance]

Agent ████████: There's three human cadavers in this garden. One's on the ground, female, and completely decomposed, but there are two males standing up pointing swords at each other. Males show signs of mummification.

Dr. Henderson: I want tissue samples from all three.

Agent ████████: Understood. Collecting from the first male.

[sounds of SCP-2591 screaming]

Agent ████████: First male is resisting tissue collection. It's extremely agitated.

Dr. Henderson: It's animate?

Agent ████████: Confirmed. Should we sedate him and take him in?

Dr. Henderson: Sounds good.

[redacted for relevance]

<End Log>


Costume design of Duke Riccardo for Il Canarino Rosso

Addendum: Three months after the containment of SCP-2591, Dr. Naismith of Project Bifrost discovered similarities between the story of SCP-2591's life and an obscure, unfinished libretto for a 19th-century Italian three-act opera titled Il Canarino Rosso2 by the Florentine playwright Giacomo Benigni.

In a series of correspondence with composer Giusseppe Verdi, the offer to compose the music for the libretto was repeatedly rejected by Verdi, who considered Benigni's pre-existing body of work to be sub-par.3 As a result, Benigni retired from writing before he finished Il Canarino Rosso.

The situation outlined by SCP-2591 mirrors the Act Two finale, where Duke Riccardo and Count Pietro prepare to duel. As Act Three was never written, the outcome of this duel remains unknown.

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