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Item #: SCP-2590

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-2590 itself is not currently possible. SCP-2590 has remained within the city limits of Birmingham, Alabama since it has been under Foundation surveillance. SCP-2590 is fitted with a tracking beacon pinging its location to specialized handheld devices, which are provided to all operatives of MTF Gamma-133 "Street Sweepers".

Public knowledge of SCP-2590's existence is to be contained by confiscation of video footage and photographs, and administration of Class-A amnestics to eyewitnesses. Two plain clothed members of Mobile Task Force Gamma-133 "Street Sweepers" are to trail SCP-2590 in a Foundation-provided civilian vehicle at all times, exchanging shifts with another pair of operators every 4 hours. Vehicles are to be equipped with dashboard video cameras, which are to be recording at all times.

In the event SCP-2590 pulls over to the side of the road or in a parking lot, the pursuing operatives are to park directly behind SCP-2590 with a full view of the trailer door and notify the active situation room commander of MTF Gamma-133 "Street Sweepers" immediately. The operative occupying the passenger's side of the vehicle is to take written notes of his/her observations. Under no circumstances are personnel to approach SCP-2590-1.

Description: SCP-2590 is a semi-trailer truck of an International ProStar DayCab make, with an attached trailer. It lacks a license plate on either the front or rear bumper. The model's manufacturer, Navistar International, claims to have no knowledge of ever producing a vehicle like SCP-2590. Observation of the driver's cabin shows a humanoid figure in the driver's seat, designated SCP-2590-1. SCP-2590-1's appearance is that of a shadow or silhouette, lacking any identifying physical features. SCP-2590-1's significance to the function of SCP-2590 is currently unknown, however, it has been proven to have an amnestic-like effect on humans approaching it on foot. Because of this, Foundation personnel have been unable to question it.

SCP-2590 selectively interacts with tangible objects, allowing it to 'pass through' physical matter. For this reason, the Foundation has been unable to physically contain it. This was discovered when SCP-2590 passed through a Foundation roadblock unhindered. It has also, on occasion, avoided collisions this way. SCP-2590 has not refuelled since it came under Foundation monitoring, nor has it broken any traffic laws.

At times determined by unknown variables1, SCP-2590 will park at the side of the road or in a parking lot, and the trailer door will open of its own accord for exactly sixty seconds before closing again. During the time the door is open, the trailer will be occupied by a single object. The object within the trailer is different each time the door closes and opens again. Each instance is unique, and no object has ever been observed twice.

Attempts at entry or exit from SCP-2590 while the trailer is open have been met with failure, due to an invisible barrier. The barrier also seems to stop sound from escaping.

Addendum A:

Subsequent DNA tests on the blood ejected from SCP-2590 have indicated it to be roughly 50% Inglis' and 50% Schultz's. The steel slab, which was undamaged from the collision with the agents' vehicle, has been taken into Foundation custody for lab analysis.

Addendum B:

The report from Alpha Squad Leader confirmed the warehouse to contain a temporal and spatial anomaly. The building has been purchased by a Foundation front company to prevent civilian access. SCP-2590 was tracked exiting the warehouse approximately 5 minutes after Alpha Squad was recalled to MTF Gamma-133 base.

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