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Item #: SCP-2589

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The home SCP-2589 was previously located in has been dismantled and incinerated. The area the home was located on has been barred from entry, and has been disguised as an enclosed electrical generator. Witnesses of SCP-2589 have been administered Class A amnestics. Those who have not been located are currently being tracked by Foundation assets, after they are located they are to be administered an amnestic regimen and released.


Green Acres

Description: SCP-2589 was an entity that was confined to a mobile home in Warsaw, Indiana. The entity had limited mobility, lacking limbs. Its body was bell-shaped, consisting of a large mouth in the torso, and an elongated, upward-facing head on which there was a Warsaw Police Department branded trucker cap. The entity's body was white with red splotches, having the appearance of bruises. SCP-2589's body did not appear to have an internal structure, the skin simply forming a floating membrane in the shape of itself.

The entity was capable of manipulating the physical reality of the area around it. SCP-2589 utilized this ability to create "mouth traps" in areas which lead to its stomach. These spaces manifested as spaces in walls, enclosures of any kind such as a doghouse, closets, and in one case a pair of pants. These portals have a tendency to manifest most commonly in holes. Subjects affected by SCP-2589 claimed they most commonly fell into the trap when walking through the master bedroom of the home.

The entity would "eat" humans or animals if it was fed. SCP-2589 did not seem to be sapient, and did not actively attempt to consume subjects with its person. SCP-2589 only physically consumed an individual if it was assisted.

The effects of this consumption were varied. Affected subjects would reappear later, albeit with mild or moderate changes to their appearance. Their behavior was not unusual, and they retained memories of being fed to SCP-2589. Subjects frequently responded to this event with frustration or misdirection. A woman subjected to SCP-2589 prior to its containment was digested roughly 100 times. When questioned, Emma Clark (23) seemed frustrated, to quote, “I don’t see what the problem is.”

When SCP-2589 inhabited the home, the people living in that home expressed dismissal or disinterest in SCP-2589. Adolescents, however, did not seem to be affected by the anomaly and would respond to SCP-2589 as one would typically expect. The home where SCP-2589 was found, when investigated, revealed that the surviving children growing up around SCP-2589 were conditioned to accept it from a young age.

Addendum A: Selected excerpts from video footage located in the home. Dates could not be found on the tapes, they are arranged in order of occurrence. The home was outfitted with 12 security cameras. Local police had questioned the father, Jacob Clark, about the cameras at one point prior to SCP-2589’s neutralization, to which the father responded “He liked knowing what went on in his home."

The family affected by SCP-2589 were Emma Clark (23), her husband, Jacob Clark (47), Jacob Clark's brother, Ethan Young (32), the Clark's mother, Madison Clark (67), and two children, Andrew (8), Ezekiel (11), and their dog [Destroyer] (2).


Deformed man in fetal position with fused appendages appears on the floor in the foyer. Andrew is distressed, begins shouting at the man. Andrew is holding a miniature boom box. Macho Man is playing on the radio.

Andrew: (possibly communicating with the deformed figure) NO. You're scary! Why? What's wrong with your face? Stop it!

Andrew picks up a broom and moves closer to the man.

Andrew: Unc?

SCP-2589 can be seen in the corner of the frame. Andrew notices SCP-2589. Andrew observes SCP-2589 silently for one minute.

Andrew: Sorry Unc.

Andrew drags the deformed man out of the room, away from SCP-2589.


Andrew notices SCP-2589 in the living room. SCP-2589 was stationary. Andrew runs to Madison, his grandmother, and tells her about SCP-2589. Madison gets excited, suggests placing the uncle, Ethan, in its mouth. Emma and Jacob enter the room and discuss this with Madison. Madison points at Ethan angrily while talking to Jacob, Jacob points to SCP-2589 and begins shouting. Madison relents, and moves to SCP-2589, opening its mouth. Emma and Jacob lift Ethan's body into SCP-2589's mouth.

Audio feed returns.

Jacob: See? Wasn't too hard was it?


Andrew and Ezekiel are in the back yard.

Andrew: You know about it? You're never in the room.

Ezekiel: I saw it. I don't like it. I can get dad's gun, I know where he has it.

Andrew: It's gonna eat me. (crying) Go get the gun tonight.

Ezekiel: I'll do it by myself. It's scared of me because I'm really smart.

Andrew: Really?

Ezekiel: Yeah.

Andrew leaves the frame and speaks with his father for a moment. Andrew and his father go inside. Ezekiel remains outside.

A green hummingbird appears in the yard.

Ezekiel addresses the bird.

Ezekiel: You're the angel?

The bird does not appear to acknowledge Ezekiel's' presence, and by all accounts is a mundane animal.

Ezekiel: How do I kill it?

Ezekiel nods, running into the doghouse. Ezekiel does not leave the doghouse. No activity for 2 hours.

Andrew and Jacob walk outside. Jacob points to the doghouse, and Andrew moves closer to inspect it. Andrew begins screaming.


Ethan appears in the hallway, no longer deformed, but appearance changed slightly. He is dressed in a vest, his face covered in glitter. Ethan runs into Madison in the hallway.

Ethan: (whispering) Where were you? You've been gone for two weeks, no one's saying shit!

A low moaning is heard. SCP-2589's head can be seen in the frame, bent around a corner behind Madison. Ethan and Madison turn around, but otherwise do not acknowledge SCP-2589.

Madison: I went out with the girls. I'm here now, what's the problem?

Ethan shakes his head, Madison leaves the frame, toward SCP-2589. SCP-2589's head retracts. Giggling can be heard for two minutes afterward.


Entire family, save for Ezekiel, is in the living room. SCP-2589 is also present, standing behind the couch. Andrew seems distressed about SCP-2589, but attempts to maintain composure, occasionally glancing at Jacob.

Madison: Oh look Andrew is having another fit.

Jacob, Ethan, and Madison laughing. Emma appears reserved, but smiles. Emma gets up and starts caressing SCP-2589's lips.

Emma: Honey, I can take care of myself.

Jacob gets up from the couch and pushes Emma into SCP-2589's mouth. Ethan and Madison laugh. Andrew closes his eyes and puts his hands to his ears.

Jacob: Bye, honey!


Andrew moves down the hallway. Heavy breathing is audible on the tape, as well as a barely audible loop of Bee Gees Night Fever. The wall next to Andrew begins heaving as if it were organic. A small section of the wall collapses, revealing a deformed Ezekiel. Ezekiel's body appears to have been compressed into a cube. Andrew observes the hole, motionless.

Ezekiel: Kill it.

Andrew continues staring at the hole.

Addendum B: Local police had been called to the location ten times previously on the grounds of domestic disturbances. On 03/12/██ Deputy Alexis Walker received a private phone call from Andrew urging her to go to the location of the home. Alexis had given Andrew her phone number on a previous visit. Alexis arrived at the location, entering the home without provocation, and discovered Jacob Clark in the act of assaulting Ethan Young.


Jacob: What the fuck is going on?

Alexis: Calm down, sir.

Jacob: This ain't none of your business, you don't have any reason to be here in my fucking home.

Alexis: Get down on the ground. You can tell them all about me breaking into your house. Get down on the ground or I swear to god.

SCP-2589 appears in the frame next to Ethan.

Jacob: See? It wasn't me, I didn't do-

Alexis fires at SCP-2589 12 times. Jacob is screaming violently. SCP-2589 folds over on itself and falls to the ground.

Alexis: Oh my god, oh my god. Where are the kids? Tell me where the fucking kids are-

Alexis moves to Jacob and notices he has been shot multiple times. Alexis looks over to SCP-2589 and notices that it is no longer present.

Alexis pinches herself, and looks around for a few moments.

Alexis is seen leaving the area with Andrew and Ezekiel. She is followed by Ethan and Madison out of the house. The two shout at Alexis while the vehicle drives away.

Alexis, Andrew, or Ezekiel could not be located afterward. Records have been scrubbed from local law enforcement agencies and kept on the Foundation's private record in line with current disinformation protocol. No anomalous activity has been detected in the house to date.

Series: Holy Science

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