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Item #: SCP-2587

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2587 is contained in a submerged 30 x 30 x 15 meter containment chamber at Marine Site-05. Due to SCP-2587's diet, ocean water is allowed to flow through SCP-2587's containment chamber for feeding purposes. All water that flows through SCP-2587's containment chamber is to be stored in a tank. This water is to be sampled and tested for any foreign material before it is allowed to return to the ocean. SCP-2587 is to undergo weekly ultrasound examinations, and any changes in behavior are to be reported to the current project head.

SCP-2587-A8 and SCP-2587-B are kept in standard humanoid containment chambers and are to undergo weekly psychological examinations.

Description: SCP-2587 is an amorphous organism with a length of 20 meters and a height of 10 meters. The object is composed of human tissue with no known pattern of distribution encased in a continuous epidermis and dermis. All attempts to penetrate the dermis have been unsuccessful, but the epidermis may be damaged through conventional means.

Undifferentiated tissue makes up approximately 80% of the object's mass and is currently believed to act as insulation or protection. The remaining 20% of SCP-2587 is taken up by the object's digestive system. This system consists of multiple esophagi connected to patches of the object's skin. These patches of skin can be moved around the object to face the current and are used to gather nutrients through filter-feeding and absorption of small animals. Notably, the amount of matter SCP-2587 ingests is not enough to sustain an organism of similar size. It is possible that this is due to the organism's simplicity, though the possibility of additional anomalous effects has not been ruled out. The esophagi lead into a central chamber that acts as the object's stomach. 15 chambers are connected to the stomach by additional esophagi. Each of these chambers holds an instance of SCP-2587-A.

SCP-2587-A refers to 16 humans. 15 SCP-2587-A instances are contained within the secondary chambers of SCP-2587, with SCP-2587-A8 having been released (See Addendum 2587-02). SCP-2587-A is comprised of ten males (SCP-2587-A1 through A10) and six females (SCP-2587-A11 through A16) of varying age. All instances are either pubescent or post-pubescent. SCP-2587-A instances are kept in stasis and fed through an umbilical cord that draws nutrients from the stomach of SCP-2587. Instances will occasionally make simple movements such as bending their limbs or clenching and unclenching their hands. As of 8/13/12, SCP-2587-A8 is the only recovered instance.

SCP-2587-B is an adult female human which is a genetic match to SCP-2587.1 SCP-2587-B identifies as Martha Fern, who was reported missing in 2007 and was recovered shortly after by the UIU. Subject possesses multiple injuries that it claims were caused by extraterrestrial abduction. SCP-2587-B possesses a large wound on her abdomen which had been cauterized prior to capture. Subject also possesses multiple wounds on her thighs indicative of skin removal.

Addendum 2587-01: Interview with SCP-2587-B

Addendum 2587-02: Incident 2587-01

During an ultrasound examination on 9/17/12, one of SCP-2587's secondary chambers began moving away from the center of SCP-2587. After three minutes of movement, a section of SCP-2587's epidermis opened up where the chamber containing SCP-2587-A8 had made contact with it. SCP-2587-A8's umbilical cord was severed, and the unconscious instance was deposited outside of SCP-2587. A diving team was sent in and the instance was recovered without incident. Post-incident examination revealed the presence of a currently-unidentified blue fluid within the water that is believed to originate from SCP-2587.

SCP-2587-A8 identifies as Adam Smith, a resident of Washington D.C. that went missing in 2008. Aside from an MARS2 score of 8/10, SCP-2587-A8 does not display any unusual characteristics. An interview with the subject can be found in Addendum 2587-03.

Addendum 2587-03: Interview with SCP-2587-A8.

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