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Item #: SCP-2583

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2583 is kept in a hermetically sealed steel room measuring 4 meters on a side. This room is to only be accessible by an airlock system outfitted with multiple air purification systems, in order to minimize the introduction of additional particulates to the containment chamber. Any personnel entering the chamber must wear BSL-4 biohazard suits in order to not provide shed hair or skin cells to SCP-2583. The chamber is to be connected to a capacitor bank capable of briefly electrifying the interior surfaces of the chamber as needed for deterrence purposes.

0.25 kilograms of dust and fine sand measuring 35-50 microns in size are allowed in the chamber, for use by SCP-2583. The interior is monitored using fiber optic cameras embedded in the walls, ceiling, and floor, so as to record as much detail as possible of the structures created by SCP-2583.

Description: SCP-2583 is a mobile, sentient structure made of dust. Its baseline form masses 1.7 grams and measures 3.7 centimeters in height. Its form is somewhat indistinct due to its composition, but is roughly humanoid, with four strands of dust representing limbs extending from a central strand which terminates in a spheroid made of dust.1

SCP-2583 is able to manipulate electrostatic charges up to 1 meter from it via unknown means in order to create other structures made of dust and fine granular substances. This ability is capable of affecting particles up to 100 microns in size, with a preference for particles in the range of 20-50 microns in size. Structures have been observed to extend up to 3.1 meters in freestanding height. Structures created by SCP-2583 are extremely resistant to deformation by outside forces and individual strands of dust or other particulates possess a tensile strength approximately 250 times greater than that of spider silk. The electrostatic charges maintaining these structures can be disrupted by a brief electric pulse.

SCP-2583 was initially observed to only create the frameworks of simple geometric structures such as cones, pyramids, and cubes, but has progressed to more complex structures since being contained. Current structures include complex three-dimensional fractals, replicas of the building in which it was initially discovered, and humanoids with the same body plan as itself.

When creating a humanoid, SCP-2583 typically spends triple the time creating it as it would spend on creating another structure of comparable size. Once it has completed a humanoid, it will remain within 10 centimeters of it for between 20 and 30 hours, after which it will negate the electrostatic charges keeping the humanoid together. SCP-2583 separates the remains of these humanoid structures and does not reuse the dust. To date, none of the humanoids created by SCP-2583 have displayed independent mobility.

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