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Scan of Document 2580-A

Item #: SCP-2580

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2580 is to be stored in Small Objects Storage at Site-19. SCP-2580 is to be submerged in a sealed container filled with water, which is to be checked weekly for leaks. Document 2580-A is to be stored in the Site-19 physical archives. Physical access to SCP-2580 or Document 2580-A must be approved by a Level-3 researcher. Digital copies of Document 2580-A are to be made available to all Level-2580-1 researchers via Foundation servers.

Description: SCP-2580 is a ████████ Brand three-fin model rocket measuring 31 cm, constructed of balsa wood and plastic. Its body has been spray-painted white, and the fins red, blue, and white. Assembly kits for models similar to SCP-2580 were in distribution between the years of 1965-1998 in the midwestern United States. SCP-2580's paint has suffered noticeable chipping, likely due to prolonged and irregular sun exposure prior to containment. The wood, alternatively, has demonstrated a near-complete resistance to heat, chemical, and water damage.

Internal scans have shown that, when dry, SCP-2580 will either produce or receive a combination of carbon, sulfur, and potassium nitrate (similar to common black powder). The rate at which this occurs varies between ignitions, although rates of ██ mg per second have been occasionally observed. Once SCP-2580 has filled its fuel will spontaneously ignite, burning for a duration of roughly 12 seconds and (if not physically prevented) propelling itself forward.

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