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Interior of SCP-2572

Item #: SCP-2572

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2572 is currently contained in a Storage Chamber within Site-132. Testing of SCP-2572 must be approved by the Project Lead. Subjects approved for testing are to undergo psychological testing prior to and after the test. Subjects who experience prolonged psychological effects are to be administered Class-B amnestics.

Description: SCP-2572 is a subway car formerly belonging to a train operating within the New York City Subway system. SCP-2572 was in operation from 1972 until 198█, shortly after reports of its anomalous properties were documented. SCP-2572 was promptly removed from its train and sent to Site-132 for containment.

SCP-2572's effects manifest whenever a subject is inside of it and the car is traveling between the 34 Street Herald Square Station and Dekalb Avenue Station.1 Effects may vary, but generally follows a pattern as SCP-2572 travels between stations. Notably, the effects will only manifest when the car begins traveling out of the 34 Street Herald Square Station. Effects are stated as follows:

34 Street Herald Square: Subject experiences a rush, marked by intense euphoria, increased heartbeat, increased respiration, dilated pupils and increased alertness. During this time, the subject may also experience slight paranoia.

28 Street through 23 Street: Subject's perception of time from this point forward is increased. In addition, the subject's attention is fixated on minute detail. Existing paranoia may increase.

14 Street Union Square: Subject begins to feel moderate paranoia, if not slight if the subject has not experienced it up until this point. Subject may also begin to experience hallucinations, manifesting as dark humanoid figures within the subject's peripheral vision.

8 Street NYU: Subjects report discomfort within their lungs. Any subjects who have not experienced hallucinations at this point begin to do so, manifesting as the above mentioned.

Prince Street: The aforementioned humanoids begin to move outside of the subject's peripherals. The humanoids lack a face or any defining features, including hands and feet, and vary in number between subjects.2 Subjects report the instances 'sliding' along the length of the subway car and outside of the car. In addition, the subject feels additional discomfort in the lungs and tightness of the chest.

Canal Street: Upon the arrival of the Canal Street Station, the subject experiences an intense ringing sound. A delusion manifests with all subjects; all feel their saliva and mucus hardening. The dark humanoids continue to move within the car at an increased rate.

City Hall: Subjects may begin coughing. Those that do report the delusion continuing as fine white powder or small, clear crystals expelled from various orifices. Additionally, subjects report the hallucinatory instances staring at the subject.

Rector St: The humanoids begin to advance on the subject. Coughing increases, if not beginning if the subject has not experienced it up to this point. Acute paranoia manifests. The humanoids begin to manifest hands and feet.

Whitehall St-South Ferry: The subject's lungs begin to feel extremely irritated. Sensory overload may manifest in some subjects. The instances are now within close proximity of the subject and are reported to extend their hands towards the subject. Subject begins to feel discomfort along the body.

Court St: Between Whitehall St and Court St, the subject feels additional discomfort and shaking of the body as the instances begin to caress the subject's arms and legs. Some subjects may also feel increased euphoria. Subjects that have coughed on the instances report said instances displaying hostility. Said instances grab the subject, pin them to the ground, and continue to caress the subject.

Jay-St Metro Tech: Subject is continuously caressed upon the arrival of the Jay-St Station. After SCP-2572 leaves the station, the subject begins to feel crawling of the skin. The instances continue to caress and invariably begin to reach towards the subject's genitals shortly before arrival of the Dekalb Avenue Station.

Dekalb Avenue Station: Immediately upon arrival, the subject reports cessation all effects.

SCP-2572 was discovered shortly after an incident involving an individual expiring within the car, due to a heart attack. A cover story was fabricated, news reports and broadcasts were suppressed, and affected personnel were administered Class-B amnestics in combination with shock therapy.

A toxicology report states the individual was under the influence of isopropylbenzylamine, methamphetamine, as well as a previously unknown substance prior to death. The individual was never identified.

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