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Artistic rendition of a tree featured in SCP-2571 ("The Old Craggle Tree").

Item #: SCP-2571

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A Foundation-operated bot (I/O-MANDELA) is to monitor online communities for discussions regarding SCP-2571. MTF Phi-7 ("The Laughingstock") is to investigate these discussions and make a determination for appropriate action on a case-by-case basis.

Description: SCP-2571 is a recurring childhood memory of a non-existent theme-park ('Cragglewood Park'). It is estimated that 0.05% of the world's population is affected by SCP-2571; however, recent evidence suggests this number may be growing. The primary vector for SCP-2571's spread is not yet known — notably, it appears to be most common among adults raised as an only child.

Afflicted subjects are initially responsive to amnestics, but memories regarding Cragglewood will typically resurface once treatment ceases. Although descriptions of these memories vary, several details remain consistent:

  • Subjects were between the age of 4 and 12 when they visited.
  • The park featured numerous characters, primarily centered around anthropomorphic variants of trees and plants.
  • No adult supervision was present.
  • Calliope music played throughout the park.
  • Subjects attended the park with numerous other children, none of whom they knew.
  • The park featured only one ride; a carousel (or 'merry-go-round'). Although children accompanying the subjects boarded this ride, the subjects themselves did not.

Investigations regarding the precise nature of both SCP-2571 and Cragglewood Park are ongoing.

Addendum 2571.1: Interview Logs

Addendum 2571.2: Video Log

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