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Item #: SCP-2570

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2570-1 and -2 are currently contained on a 5-meter radius circular Pyrex platform in the Site-42 Extradimensional Containment Zone. A system of stereos and loudspeakers that constantly play Kanye West's musical albums The College Dropout and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (in a staggered format so that there is no pause in the music) is to be arranged in a 4-meter radius around SCP-2570. A backup system should be placed in a 6-meter radius around SCP-2570-1, and is to be moved into the 4-meter radius should the primary speaker system fail. The stereos and speakers are to be tied directly to the Site-42 nuclear power plant, and a backup generator must be in place in case of a blackout.

Minor Task Force Aleph-16 ("Kenny Rogers' Roaster") is to be on standby to execute Procedure Aleph-16 in the event of complete speaker failure.

A biological facsimile of Adam Yauch has been placed at the original gravesite.

Description: SCP-2570-1 is the body of former musician Adam "MCA" Yauch of the musical group "Beastie Boys". Aside from not having decayed since Yauch's death in 2012, SCP-2570-1 is non-anomalous.

SCP-2570-2 is a spiral dimensional rift located exactly five meters above SCP-2570-1's head, and will move with it. Periodically, incorporeal entities will attempt to exit through SCP-2570-2. These entities constantly exude a corrosive substance around them. Objects affected by this corrosion (including air) separate into their component parts before either dissolving or condensing into an equally corrosive liquid, further spreading the effect. As a result, the general area around SCP-2570-1 is usually engulfed in the corrosion. Pyrex glass, SCP-2570-1, and SCP-2570-3 are the only known objects unaffected by this corrosion. This process emits no sound.

The entities themselves are drawn towards human beings, and will attempt to make contact with any human within the vicinity of SCP-2570-2. Any and all animals that come into contact with the entities become instances of SCP-2570-3. Instances of SCP-2570-3 adopt major characteristics of the entities, gaining resistance to the corrosion and experiencing extreme changes to their personality. Human instances claim to be an entity that calls itself Ahseem. Animal instances will gain the ability to speak in what appears to be Pali1 and then also claim to be said entity. All instances of SCP-2570-3, whether human or animal, express a desire to enslave, loot, or otherwise adversely affect this reality and its inhabitants, and refuse to communicate beyond declaring said intentions.

External acoustic rhythms have a negative effect on SCP-2570, its corrosion, and instances of SCP-2570-3. The rift either ceases expansion or begins contraction depending on the tempo, pitch, and tone of the sound in its vicinity. In particular, any music featuring the voice of musician Kanye West has a strongly negative effect on SCP-2570. West's voice also halts the corrosion, causing an inverse process where the corrosive liquid is recompiled into its original substance and/or retreats back into the rift. Instances of SCP-2570-3 are neutralized and reverted to their original selves. However, complete closing of the rift has been unsuccessful.

Addendum: Recovery Log
SCP-2570 was first recovered on 04/04/18 in Brooklyn, New York when the Foundation intercepted reports of pools of acid and incorporeal entities stemming from Green-Wood Cemetery, specifically from a "purple, swirling portal in the cemetery". Local Task Force Gimel-9 ("The Ungrateful Dead") moved to contain the anomaly. At the scene, they encountered a married couple, Tricia and Arthur Prefect, who had already established basic containment of SCP-2570 using a rudimentary version of the protocols outlined above and were in the process of packing up their equipment.

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