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Item #: SCP-2569

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2569 is stored in an unpowered state in a standard secure locker at Site-15. Experimentation with SCP-2569 may only be performed with prior authorization from Level 3 security personnel and may only be performed in a prepared testing chamber. When powered on, no more than one (1) personnel may be within the 5 meter Red Zone of SCP-2569 except with prior medical clearance and Level 3 Senior Researcher authorization.

Description: SCP-2569 is a "Lava Lite" decorative lamp manufactured by the Lava Manufacturing Company circa 1968, and is composed of materials consistent with other Lava Lite lamps produced during that period of time. SCP-2569 is distinguishable from similar appliances by its unusual mass (which is approximately 21% higher than normal) and lack of an opaque wax solution which normally gives such lamps their distinctive appearance. The words "we are all blod [sic] relatives" have also been inscribed onto the base using pink glitter glue.

When SCP-2569 is powered on, a small amount of blood (approximately 5 mL per minute) is drawn through unknown means from the aorta of all living human subjects within approximately 4 meters and into the glass vessel of the object. This continues until the mass of blood present within SCP-2569 reaches the volume of wax that is normally present within such lamps, after which blood continues to be drawn, but an equal amount is returned to the superior vena cava of all affected subjects at an equal rate. Due to the heating of the lamp, affected subjects report feeling an unusual but not uncomfortable warmth within their chest after SCP-2569 reaches its cyclical state. When SCP-2569 is disconnected from power, all blood contained within it will return to its affected subjects at its normal rate of flow, regardless of distance. It is not known why blood drawn into SCP-2569 behaves as the normal wax mixture does, regardless of the difference in chemical composition.

SCP-2569 came to the Foundation's attention in 2004 during a police investigation of an incident in which a young couple discovered SCP-2569 while searching in the attic of the husband's deceased parents' home. From post-incident interviews, it was determined that they had found SCP-2569 among the parents' stored possessions and had powered on the object to test whether it still functioned. The female subject was determined via medical records to have Type AB-positive blood type; the male subject was determined to be of Type O-negative, and he died of massive acute hemolytic reactions to his wife's blood leading to acute renal failure and cardiac arrest. All witnesses were administered a Class A amnestic and the official cause of death falsified under standard disinformation protocols; a search of the home turned up no additional anomalies.

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