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The first example of SCP-2568 retrieved.

Item #: SCP-2568

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-2568 is to be contained in a 90cm-per-side cubic box constructed of cubic subdivisions, each 10 centimeters on each side, ± 5mm.

Paths from the object to the walls, floor, and ceiling should be kept clear of objects that might be harmed by a steel ball appearing inside them, such as personnel. Following incident SCP-2568-C, if multiple instances are contained within the same room or locker, they are not to be placed directly in line with each other, to reduce the risk of collisions.

Electromagnets and laser or ultrasonic rangefinders are to be used to precisely control the object, ensuring that it remains in the center of the containment apparatus. Note: See Addendum 2568-A regarding the use of ultrasonic rangefinders. Contained correctly, an instance of SCP-2568 which acquires a significant velocity it will almost certainly lodge itself in the chamber walls or some other solid object, from which it can easily be retrieved. For this reason, it has been classified as Safe.

SCP-2568-1 is non-anomalous anomalous but classified as Safe. It is extremely old and should be stored according to normal Foundation Archives protocol for ancient organic objects.

Description: SCP-2568 is a collection of twenty-nine (29) twenty-seven (27) steel balls 3.33 centimeters in diameter. Instances of SCP-2568 move only in increments of 0.2 times their diameter along their axes and rotate only in increments of 3.6 degrees around their axes.

Note: Units of Measure.

When a force is applied to an SCP-2568 object, it acquires a "virtual" velocity; that is, if a force were applied which would accelerate it to 1 cm/s, it would rest in place for 0.33 seconds, then teleport 0.33 centimeters in the direction in which the force was applied.

As mentioned above, these items cannot move except along three perpendicular axes. The vertical axis is oriented upwards (that is, toward and away from Earth's gravitational center), but the two horizontal axes are not aligned to gravity, magnetic fields, or any other obvious means of directional determination. The axes are fixed and cannot be changed by any means so far devised.

When one of the objects does move, it emits a flash of electromagnetic radiation in all frequencies at the destination, the brightness of which scales linearly with the object's virtual velocity. Dr. Matthews is currently working on the initial stages of a test to determine if useful energy can be extracted from this process; for now, he has advised all personnel handling SCP-2568 to be careful not to accelerate them to too great a velocity, as they could theoretically produce harmful levels of ionizing radiation.

Addendum 2568-A: Initial recovery.
Addendum 2568-B: Recovery of later samples.
Addendum 2568-C: Incident log.
Addendum 2568-D: Experiment log.
Addendum 2568-E: On future Provisional Site-223.Ag accessions.
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