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Jackson Maywall, a deceased individual with similarities to SCP-2567.

Item #: SCP-2567

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2567 is to remain within the confines of its graveyard territory. The outskirts of SCP-2567's territory must be guarded by no fewer than four security personnel. In the event that SCP-2567 exits its territory, personnel are required to fire upon SCP-2567 to severely damage it and draw it back to its graveyard.

SCP-2567 is to be herded away from visiting civilians by assigned field agents1. In the event that any civilian observes SCP-2567, they are to be administered class-A amnestics and removed from the cemetery perimeter.

Description: SCP-2567 is a humanoid figure standing 2.57 meters in height, and weighing 85 kilograms. Its body is comprised of finely-knitted pale and dark grey straw. SCP-2567 wears a black tuxedo and petty coat and a wide-brimmed bowler's hat comprised of the same material. SCP-2567's face has several large bulbous eyes on its head. These eyes are not fixed in place, and SCP-2567 is able to shift them across its surface to point in a desired direction. SCP-2567's eyes emit a lavender-scented liquid that drastically accelerates floral growth when spread over a burial site.

SCP-2567 resides within a cemetery 1.3 kilometers from the Site-12 Mt. Sugarloaf facility in Sunderland, Massachusetts, measuring 120 meters by 200 meters. It displays no unprompted aggression to living organisms and will display passive behavior unless its territory2 is vandalized or violated in any way. This includes committing acts of grave robbery, littering, damaging headstones, and graffiti.

When SCP-2567's territory is damaged or vandalized, it will attempt to repair any damaged components of the cemetery using the grey liquid it produces as an adhesive to reconstruct damaged headstones.

All attempts to relocate SCP-2567 to a controlled facility have failed. When removed from its territory SCP-2567 will fall apart and dissolve, and a new instance of SCP-2567 will appear at its graveyard.

SCP-2567 displays extreme resilience to damage and will not attack living individuals that attempt to damage it. If SCP-2567 sustains significant damage it will return to its graveyard and enter the central mausoleum where it will encase itself in a stone coffin. After 24 hours, SCP-2567 will exit its coffin in a state of full repair. SCP-2567's mausoleum displays no anomalous properties on its own. The entrance has a plaque which reads:

Jackson M. Maywall
October 19th, 1936 - [UNINTELLIGIBLE]
A kind-hearted public servant and friend to all who knew him. May his soul find eternal peace in the land of his love.

Under the approval of level-2 administrative personnel an investigation into the whereabouts of the corpse of Maywall has been put underway. The agent assigned to investigating the possible link to SCP-2567 recorded the following conversation with a local grave keeper.

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