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An instance of SCP-2566. Click for detailed view.

Item #: SCP-2566

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the anomalous properties of SCP-2566, the long-term storage of SCP-2566 has been deemed inviable as a containment procedure. At the beginning of each month, the Assistant Quartermasters at Site-11 are to distribute instances of SCP-2566 as bonus pay among designated employees permanently stationed at Site-11. Those employees are to store their instances of SCP-2566 in their personal SCP-2566 temporary storage containers. By the end of each month, those employees are to return their instances of SCP-2566 to the Assistant Quartermasters in exchange for products from Site-11's commissary. RFID tags are to be attached to all instances of SCP-2566 to facilitate the tracking of their current location and ownership by the Head Quartermaster.

In the event of a catastrophic breach of SCP-2566's containment, use of SCP-2855 has been approved for assistance in re-containment efforts.

Description: SCP-2566 designates a set of 1,610 banknotes, similar in appearance to U.S. banknotes. Instances of SCP-2566 are visually distinguishable from mundane U.S. banknotes of the same denomination by the presence of a pattern of dark red markings printed on their surfaces.

The anomalous effects of SCP-2566 manifest when an individual comes into the possession of an SCP-2566 instance, with the consent of the previous possessor of that instance (if applicable). When this occurs, an exclusive anomalous link between that individual and the SCP-2566 instance is established. This link can be terminated only upon that individual's willing transfer of the SCP-2566 instance to another individual. As the result of this link, that individual develops an acute awareness of the SCP-2566 instance, which enables them to perfectly recall the following information at all times:

  • the face value of the SCP-2566 instance
  • the physical location of the SCP-2566 instance
  • the duration of their possession of the SCP-2566 instance, accurate to the day

Once an individual remains in possession of one or more SCP-2566 instances for forty or more days, they begin to experience anxiety and guilt toward their continued possession of the SCP-2566 instances. The stated subjective severity of this effect is positively correlated with the duration for which that individual has possessed SCP-2566 instances and the combined face value of their SCP-2566 instances.

SCP-2566 instances can also cause individuals to experience anxiety or guilt when an individual takes possession of SCP-2566 instances that have been linked with another individual1. These feelings, described as immediate and much more intense compared to those triggered by long-term possession of SCP-2566 instances, persist until that individual relinquishes possession of the SCP-2566 instances.

From the mid-1930s to 2017, SCP-2566 served as the sole means of exchange in Timothy, Nebraska, a rural community with approximately 150 inhabitants. SCP-2566 was introduced to Timothy during the Great Depression by Louis Ingram, a para-economist and member of the Society for Alternative Social Analysis2. Over the course of the decades prior to his death in 1969, Ingram maintained the supply of SCP-2566 to Timothy and attempted to modify the community's norms as part of a long-term social experiment regarding demurrage3. Owing to the anomalous effects of SCP-2566 and Ingram's influence, Timothy developed a unique local culture and economy isolated from those of surrounding communities.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-2566 and its role in Timothy in 2015 after the recovery of a clandestine archive of the Society for Alternative Social Analysis. Over the following year, researchers from the Department of Social Sciences conducted a study in Timothy and interviewed its inhabitants4. In 2016, researchers were instructed to terminate the study and acquire all instances of SCP-2566 for permanent containment; investments made by a local Foundation front company were used to incentivize residents to surrender their instances of SCP-2566 to the Foundation and submit to amnestic treatment.

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