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Item #: SCP-2560 Level 1/2560
Object Class: Safe Classified

Photograph of Coral Castle, circa 2011. The well which SCP-2560-01 was recovered from is behind metal railings, to the left of a lamp post.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2560-01 is to be kept in large document storage locker in Reliquary Site 32. Only three approved Foundation personnel, plus 10 Class-D personnel, are allowed to view more than 256 pages of SCP-2560-01 at any given time for purposes of testing. SCP-2560-02 is currently disassembled pending testing.

SCP-2560-03 are currently kept in a glass display case at Reliquary Site 32 for all site personnel to view at their leisure, due to the benign nature of the anomaly present. It is to be removed from the case once weekly to check for any signs of decay or deterioration.

Despite the fact that the home of Edward Leedskalnin is a tourist attraction in Florida, no containment procedures around it have been deemed necessary due to a lack of anomalies in the area. Regular observation of the area is to be carried out by agents embedded in the park's staff.

Description: SCP-2560 refers to several anomalies related to or created by Edward Leedskalnin, a Latvian sculptor and engineer born in 1887. Leedskalnin is best known for building the 'Coral Castle', an estate in Florida built largely out of limestone megaliths.


Edward Leedskalnin, circa 1910.

SCP-2560-01 is a 1024-page written manuscript1 and mainly concerns what the author refers to as 'magnetic currents' that hold 'life' together originating from the North and South poles within matter, as opposed to magnetic fields generated by ions. Despite the fact that this and several other theories presented have no scientific basis, experiments within SCP-2560-01 can be replicated by individuals who have read directly from the text, and experiments will often have results similar to what the author presents.

SCP-2560-02 is a magnetic construction created by Leedskalnin. SCP-2560-02 uses forty-two (42) anomalous versions of the 'perpetual motion holder' assembly invented by Leedskalnin, with 16 placed on the front and 26 placed towards the rear. SCP-2560-02 will not activate unless at least 256 pages of SCP-2560-01 have been read by the individual operating it. When this condition is met, SCP-2560-02 will disintegrate matter placed at the center of the magnets, with the exception of pieces of limestone, specifically oolite. Exactly 16 minutes 26 seconds later, matter seemingly destroyed by SCP-2560-02 will be re-integrated into reality at their original location. Human subjects that have used SCP-2560-02 report seeing a landscape matching either the magnetic north pole (75.7667° N, 99.7833° W) or the magnetic south pole (90.0000° S, 0.0000° W) of the Earth; subjects do not appear to be corporeal during this time. Furthermore, subjects report seeing a man matching the description of Leedskalnin standing nearby, designated SCP-2560-02A. SCP-2560-02A will occasionally respond to attempts to initiate conversation with humans who use SCP-2560-02. For details, see Interview-2560-1.

SCP-2560-03 are the cadavers of Edward Leedskalnin and Agnes Skuvst, a Latvian woman who was Leesklanin's ex-fiance. Despite both individuals being deceased for ██ and ██ years as of 2014, neither instance of SCP-2560-03 has experienced any decay either externally or internally. Nasal, oral and endoscopic examination has shown that both instances SCP-2560-03 are sterile, and all tissue in the instances is impermeable, including all epithelia and ocular tissue. Furthermore, when not restrained, both instances hover approximately 20cm above any surface they are placed on.

Recovery Log: SCP-2560-01 was discovered by the crew of the television show Debunking the Pyramids, a skeptic show dedicated to eliminating paranormal myths and conspiracies about the construction of ancient structures such as the Pyramids at Giza, Egypt. The host of the show, Harold Sachs found the manuscript after inspecting the well at Leedskalnin's home in Homestead, Florida, and assembled SCP-2560-02 with help from his production crew, under the assumption that it was a construction tool used by Leedskalnin. SCP-2560-02 was then activated in a live streaming broadcast on the program's website, resulting in the disintegration of Mr. Sachs. After 16 minutes 26 seconds, Mr. Sachs reappeared. However, technical difficulties prevented crucial portions of the event from being streamed, and it was widely dismissed as a hoax. Foundation operatives administered Class-A amnestics to the crew of Debunking the Pyramids.

Following the recovery of SCP-2560-01 and -02, the body of Edward Leedskalnin was discovered missing by cemetery caretakers in Miami-Dade County, Florida. After 26 hours, the body spontaneously materialized in the center of SCP-2560-02, and an additional sixteen hours later, the cadaver of Agnes Skuvst appeared. SCP-2560 was classified as Safe on 02/16/2016.

Interview 2560-03: On 01/21/2014, Dr. Richard Ferrel was selected to use SCP-2560-02 to communicate with the entity designated SCP-2560-02A, and record the results once he returned. Dr. Ferrel was selected due to his fluency in Latvian and a highly retentive memory, as recording equipment ceases to function upon use of SCP-2560-02.

(Dr. Ferrel reports appearing in front of a barbeque pit located at the Magnetic South Pole. The pit is reported identical, albeit in better condition, to the one present in the former home of Leedskalnin. Contact was initiated by the entity resembling Leedskalnin.)

SCP-2560-02A: Ah, hello. Would you like a hot dog? They're almost done. Only two cents!

Dr. Richard Ferrel: No, thank you. How can you eat that?

SCP-2560-02A: They're delicious! That's how I can eat them.

Dr. Ferrel: No, I mean… you're incorporeal. How can you be eating a hot dog?

SCP-2560-02A: (produces a hot dog from a pressure cooker over the barbeque pit, and places it into a bun it produces from its coat) It's because they are life, my friend. And life, even in death, cannot be destroyed.

Dr. Ferrel: That's… rather philosophical, Mr. Leedskalnin.

SCP-2560-02A: Ah! You have heard of my work? Of course you have, why else would you be here? (SCP-2560-02A begins consuming the hot dog.)

Dr. Ferrel: I have. Tell me, how… how am I here? I was just at a facility in [REDACTED].

SCP-2560-02A You are here because your body has been destroyed. Now, you are all magnets. And magnets originate from the north and south poles, so naturally, you must be drawn to either the north or south pole. You, my friend, were a north pole magnet, so you are naturally drawn to the south pole.

Dr. Ferrel: So… I'm dead?

SCP-2560-02A I would imagine not. You're not like the rest of them. (SCP-2560-02A indicates the empty space around them.) You have more… vibrancy to you. You'll go back soon, like that television person. (SCP-2560-2A spontaneously vanishes, and is replaced by an unknown humanoid entity, appearing to be in a great amount of pain. Dr. Ferrel later noted that the entity seemed to be dissolving.)

Unknown Entity: Edward… ir… ārprātīgais2

Dr. Ferrel: Who are you?

Unknown Entity: Dabū viņu uz pili un liec viņam nomirt!3

Dr. Ferrel: What?

Unknown Entity: (At this point, the entity begins flickering out of existence, being replaced by SCP-2560-02A). Nestāsti viņam ka es biju šeit!4

(SCP-2560-2A re-appears, doubled over as if in pain. Dr. Ferrel arrives to assist it.).

Dr. Ferrel: What was that?

SCP-2560-02A It happens occasionally. My magnets were not stable, so I sometimes go up north. It happens when you use my machine too much. (SCP-2560-02A stands up) I used it to try and become Northern.

Dr. Ferrel: Northern? I don't understand.

SCP-2560-02A (Angrily) Use your brain! You are a man of science, are you not? Do I have to spell it out for you? You are all akin to children, except children are far better than you.

Dr. Ferrel: Please, if you would. For the record.

SCP-2560-02A Bah! Very well. My Sweet Sixteen5 was a Southern Magnet, as was I. Only people who are opposites in terms of polarity may be together; north and south only. South and south or north and north repel, like iron magnets. I… attempted to use my creation to reverse my charge.

Dr. Ferrel: So… you reasoned that if you were opposite polarities, that you could be together?

SCP-2560-2A: Yes. But there is a problem I did not think of. (SCP-2560-02A begins tending the barbeque pit once again) She is southern, so she goes north. I am north most of the time, so I go south.

Dr. Ferrel In other words… you can never see her.

SCP-2560-02A: It is the curse of the magnets. Opposites attract. And as long as we are opposite, we can never be together. (SCP-2560-02A sighs, and produces another hot dog from the barbeque, handing it to Dr. Ferrel.) It will be time for you to go soon, I think. How time flies. Have this one, as you Americans say, on the house.

Dr. Ferrel: (Dr. Ferrel takes the hot dog, and bites into it.) Could use some ketchup.

SCP-2560-02A: (laughs) Can't please everyone, I suppose.

(At this point, Dr. Ferrel reappeared in the center of SCP-2560-02A, and the entity seen by him has been classified as SCP-2560-02B. The hot dog that returned with Dr. Ferrel is currently undergoing extensive testing.)

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