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Item #: SCP-2559-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As of this time SCP-2559-J is currently contained at the bottom of Site██ but when its outflow finally breaches the top of Site██ containment will rapidly become impossible.

Description: SCP-2559-J is the result of the interaction between the use of SCP-████ and a careless researcher and can be used as a reminder of what can happen when research methods are not kept to.

SCP-2559-J is a "rip" in space-time created when Dr.██████ sliced through reality utilising SCP-████. SCP-████ allowed the user to cut through to the reality of their choice and create a portal which matter could pass through. At the time of the creation of SCP-2559-J Dr.██████ was supposed to be investigating a supposed "naziverse" that existed parallel to our own.

When the slice was created and opened security logs show masses of kittens, of various breeds, filling up the portal before being ejected with massive force instantly killing Dr.██████ and her team of assistants. Within moments the room had filled with kittens and they began to exert massive pressures on the surrounding doors before breaking through and began to fill Site██.

Fortunately Site██ was built inside the crater of Site██, which had been destroyed a number of years previously during a possible XK class breach and so the portal was located some 5.6km (3.5 miles) below ground. Since the opening of SCP-2559-J kittens have been spilling out at a fixed rate of roughly 11.36l/s (3gal/s) with a massive amount of pressure.

Foundation researchers have attempted to exterminate the kittens to reach and close SCP-2559-J but have found that the mass of kittens, or kitten-pile as it is commonly called, appears to be invulnerable to conventional weapons and can exist without impairment at massive pressures or temperatures.

Any individual kitten removed from the pile becomes unremarkable in every way and merges seamlessly with the pile when returned. Due to this SCP-2559-J has received Keter level of Classification and unless a solution can be found soon it will become uncontainable.


According to Dr. Rights, considered by many to be The Foundation's foremost expert on kittens, SCP-2559-J is apparently a portal to "The Plane of Infinite Kittens." Apparently this dimension is nothing but an infinitely large kitten pile and may be the place from which all kittens come from. This would explain why the kittens were ejected from SCP-2559-J with such force as the pressure exerted by the pile on any given location would be astronomical.

Attempts to reach the portal have so far failed as the kitten pile exerts a stupefying effect on anyone who enters it rendering them incapable of performing any action other than curling up and going to sleep until they sink to the point where the pressure exerted by the mass of kittens crushes them.

Please note any and all attempts to cause mass termination or destruction of the kitten pile or Site██ has been met with massive levels of irrational violence on the part of Dr. Rights and Agent Tam. Caution is advised when attempting to pursue a solution to this problem.

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