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Item #: SCP-2558-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens are to be contained in a play environment with toys that are unlikely to make sudden noises or motions, with comfortable room temperature and a very slow-moving automated feeder. Any personnel of Level 1 or above are authorized to interact with SCP-2558-J, but removing them from containment is highly discouraged.

Specimens of the variety SCP-2558-J-ex are to be contained in a similar way, except that the walls of the containment room are to be fireproof and blast-resistant.

Description: Under normal circumstances, SCP-2558-J appears to be a group of normal kittens, of several different breeds. They are nearly universally friendly and tend towards affectionate interaction with humans and each other.

When startled or threatened, they inflate into a ball of fluff roughly the size of a soccer ball. Their eyes are still visible through the fluff, and they begin mewling in a way that induces semi-parental instincts in all nearby, including the hearing impaired. Their range of motion is limited to anywhere they can roll, but they display surprising agility even when attempting to navigate a cluttered environment in fluff-ball form.

Several varieties have been observed, including longhaired, hypoallergenic, grenade (see Addendum), and bouncy.

Several of SCP-2558-J have been adopted by various Foundation personnel. They have been instructed on their care and feeding, and provided with several non-startling toys and a noise-canceling speaker to help set up a quiet play area for their specimens.

SCP-2558-J has displayed the ability to distract people far more than merited by being kittens, even considering their anomalous abilities. Suggested reclassification as Euclid.

4/21/2009, Upgrade to Euclid class approved by Dr. Rights.

4/24/2009, Experimentation with SCP-914 combining SCP-2558-J and [DATA EXPUNGED] on the 'Fine' setting results in explosive variety of SCP-2558-J, hereby classified SCP-2558-J-ex. The creature is capable of reforming from the ashes of its own explosion.

4/28/2009, After discussion leading to a formal request, O5-██, SCP-2558-J in general, and especially SCP-2558-J-Ex, are not to be weaponized. No further requests for military testing or usage will be authorized.

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