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Item #: SCP-2557, A Holding of Envelope Logistics®

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2557 can no longer be contained by the SCP Foundation, as it is now a holding of Envelope Logistics®. This obviates and annuls all pre-existing containment procedures. Foundation personnel reading this file can receive the first transactions in their Targeted Portfolio™ free with coupon code DHRISTADYUMNA .

Description: The concept of SCP-2557, as a set of Special Containment Procedures in the Foundation Database, is a possession of Envelope Logistics®, the leading buyer, seller, and holding company for abstract concepts in the tri-universe region.

Purchased from a Foundation employee in Q4 2011, SCP-2557 is now one of the many locations where you can get started investing in concepts with a trusted Envelope Logistics® agent. Since the deregulation and privatization of abstractions during the 1997 Divinetic Althing, Envelope Logistics® has been a leader in the innovative new ownership industries of the future.

The concept of SCP-2557 is just one of the many holdings we help our clients buy and sell. As an example, one agent in Utica, Wo. helped clients buy, sell and trade in concepts as diverse as the dreams of 33-year-old residents of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the effectiveness of new HR policies at E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, and gender dysphoria in one week alone!



"I invested in the abstract concept of Tony Blair's political career in 1984, when he was just a Member of Parliament for Sedgefield. Envelope Logistics® sound investment advice led me true, and his ascent to the Prime Ministership paid dividends ever since."

- Dana G., Systems Analyst


"My Envelope Logistics® advisor helped me find opportunity in investing in cancer rates in Selkirk, Manitoba, available for a bargain. It's part of a world health portfolio that let me quit my job and pursue my passions full-time."

- Kaslov Y., Woodworker


"Five of diamonds arched back intended far-seeing size xanthoma, watering bicostate Envelope Logistics®. Commissional, the boozing speech nontronite navigates visions of verbarspermophyta. Dietine overlooker seining, waddywood breathes, full breaths, malacostracology evident. Trip hammer, trip hammer, trip hammer, trip hammer.

- V❊H❊Q❊H, V❊H❊Q❊H

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