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Item #: SCP-2555

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2555 is contained on Site, in ██████, Spain. The surrounding area is to be barricaded, with at least 4 Security Officers assigned to the perimeter at all times. As of 05/13/19██, personnel are prohibited from entering SCP-2555.

Description: SCP-2555 is currently a 20-story building, which continuously grows upward at a rate of 10 cm per year. SCP-2555 leans towards the direction of the sun's position in the sky (up to a maximum angle of 23.4 degrees); SCP-2555 will continue to follow the path of the sun until sunset, where it remains stationary until morning.

SCP-2555 utilizes solar panels as its power source, located on the sides and rooftop of the structure. Power lines connect from these panels and reach out into all rooms in the building. Plumbing lines also connect throughout the building, delivering water containing previously unknown organic materials. All major manifolds converge approximately 50 meters below ground, forming roots that hold the structure in place. Research suggests that SCP-2555 absorbs materials underground to continue its rate of growth.

Attempts to move or tamper with any components inside SCP-2555 will cause collections of dust to appear1. (These are referred to as SCP-2555-1). Instances of SCP-2555-1 have been observed to collect into masses of up to 3 meters tall. SCP-2555 -1 will then proceed to engulf the subject. Other subjects coming into contact with SCP-2555-1 will also become engulfed. After consumption, SCP-2555-1 spews a fine black powder containing many of the elements of the previous subject. This black powder dissolves into the structure of the building.

Addendum-2555 -02: After containment, personnel were sent to explore the interior of SCP-2555. Exploration revealed several distinct basement areas within SCP-2555 (Referred to as SCP-2555-B1 through B5), which are hypothesized to house different aspects of the structure's "support systems".

Addendum-2555-03: On 05/12/19██, personnel who entered SCP-2555 were greeted with an audio message from the intercom speakers in the lobby area. The gender of both speakers could not be determined. The following is an excerpt of the message:

A request to update SCP-2555 to Euclid has been denied.

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