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Item #: SCP-2552

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2552 is currently contained in a standard humanoid containment unit located at Site-17. SCP-2552 is to be fed three meals a day and is allowed fluids upon request. Personnel delivering food or fluid to SCP-2552 are not to interact with it. SCP-2552 is to be allowed access to recreational activities upon request in exchange for cooperative behavior, as well as paper and crayon to make requests. SCP-2552 is to be interviewed on a weekly basis by Dr. Lin. More frequent interviews may be granted upon request, depending on continued cooperative behavior and Dr. Lin's schedule. Interviews with SCP-2552 are to be accompanied by one other personnel of any level. These personnel are not to interact with Dr. Lin during the interview and are not to interact with SCP-2552 at all.

Should Dr. Lin be permanently unavailable, SCP-2552 is to be notified of this in writing so it may prepare to familiarize itself with the replacement. Potential replacements must fit criteria detailed in Document-2552 and follow familiarizing methods as detailed in Protocol 2552. The personnel selected for replacement is encouraged to maintain a cordial relationship with SCP-2552 in order to better study it. However, care must be taken to maintain SCP-2552's ignorance of the Foundation and other Groups of Interest.

Description: SCP-2552 is a 14 year old multiethnic male (Han Chinese and African American primarily) known as "Kevin Sanders". SCP-2552 displays no physiological abnormalities. SCP-2552 is fluent in both Simplified Chinese (Mandarin dialect) and American English.

SCP-2552 is incapable of perceiving humans it is unfamiliar with. Instead, SCP-2552 perceives a specific entity referred to as SCP-2552-A in the place of any humans it is unfamiliar with and will perceive multiple identical iterations of SCP-2552-A if interacting with multiple unfamiliar humans. SCP-2552-A is only able to be visually recorded if SCP-2552 is using the equipment with the intention of filming SCP-2552-A. SCP-2552-A varies its appearance and appears to be sapient. SCP-2552-A will vaguely mimic the actions of the human it is replacing but will purposefully exaggerate movements and facial expressions with the apparent intention of encouraging SCP-2552 to avoid human contact. The most reliable way to communicate and gain familiarity with SCP-2552 is to converse through writing.

Currently, SCP-2552 perceives every other human it has met as SCP-2552-A with the only exception being Dr. Lin, who developed the currently-used method of gaining familiarity with SCP-2552. SCP-2552 is highly cooperative with Dr. Lin; it is believed that SCP-2552 is dependent on Dr. Lin for emotional support and fulfillment of social needs.

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