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Item #: SCP-2543

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2543 is to be contained in a standard Class A Humanoid Containment cell in Block 4 of Site 15. It is allowed two hours per day in the Block 4 Courtyard. SCP-2543 is to be administered 40mg of citalopram daily for depression. The subject is to have a Dell desktop computer hooked up to a projector in its habitation. This computer comes equipped solely with VLC Media Player, Minesweeper, and Microsoft Word. All but Microsoft Word may be taken away as punishment if deemed necessary by Site Director Allen. SCP-2543 is allowed to request new computer programs or videos but has not since it was contained. All materials written by SCP-2543 are to be passed directly to Director Allen.

SCP-2543's containment cell is to be surveilled at all times. All communications with SCP-2543 must be approved by Director Allen. Site 15 medical personnel are to be advised whenever SCP-2543 enters a catatonic state. SCP-2543 has been treated multiple times for injuries resulting from falling unexpectedly during such events. Personnel with clearance below Level 5 may be subject to amnesticization after interacting with SCP-2543.

Description: SCP-2543 is a humanoid female. The subject was formerly Dr. Harriet Wilson, a Level 3 Foundation scientist working at Site 16. Its anomalous properties were discovered on March 8, 2017 as a result of Incident KSS-4927.

SCP-2543 produces electricity through unknown means. This phenomenon appears to be localized to SCP-2543's skull, specifically the parietal bones, but does not impair its brain function. The amount generated normally fluctuates between 10W-50W and never falls below 8.2W.

SCP-2543 claims to receive hallucinatory visions on various occasions. When these events occur, the electricity it produces increases to between 10,000W and 15,000W. SCP-2543 enters a catatonic state for the duration of these events. The subject becomes lucid immediately after the cessation of these phenomena and experiences no permanent physical effects. SCP-2543 has been instructed to record the details of its experience during each event. These records are compiled in Document 2543-B.

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