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Item #: SCP-2542

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment is focused on seizing and destroying any knowledge of SCP-2542 and all evidence thereof. This is to be maintained through destruction of all instances of SCP-2542-A and working in conjoint efforts with local police departments to seize and then destroy all SCP-2542-A instances currently in circulation.

Foundation AI (ATLS-20 and GRGN-04) are to monitor websites dedicated to usage of illegal drugs and their related paraphernalia and also websites in which users more likely to perform these activities congregate for mention of SCP-2542, SCP-2542-A, or the description of a DIONYSUS-12 Event.

SCP-2542-A is to be destroyed by a contingent of D-Class who have been shown to be repeat drug offenders with no history of theft. All D-Class who return from a DIONYSUS-12 Event are to be interviewed. If the D-Class returns deceased, another is to be brought to fill its place. When the D-Class stops undergoing DIONYSUS-12 Events (defined as a period of four months without an occurrence) they will be amnesticized and released back into the general populace, due to their non-violent offenses.

All researchers studying SCP-2542 and SCP-2542-A are to undergo mandatory weekly drug screenings. Any failure will result in Class-C amnestics, a demotion, and transfer to another site.

As of 3-1-12, all experiments involving theft of SCP-2542-A from SCP-2542 are forbidden.

Description: SCP-2542 is a humanoid of indeterminate species and origin which exists in what is theorized to be a self-contained pocket dimension. Initial access to SCP-2542's dimension is contingent upon knowledge of the entity, its nature, and a desire to engage in commerce with it. No procedure is necessary to enter, taking an average of three minutes from initial desire to disappearance. Knowledge of SCP-2542 is not necessary for transportation stemming from consumption of SCP-2542-A.

SCP-2542-A is a plant superficially resembling cannabis, in terms of smell, appearance, and THC content. SCP-2542-A is more closely related, however, to plants of the Rafflesia genus. The primary anomalous property of SCP-2542-A is its apparent indestructibility. While the plant can be ground up, the particles will not be destroyed unless burnt by an individual with a desire to become intoxicated.

After an individual has used SCP-2542-A for the purposes of intoxication, at any point until the THC fully leaves their bloodstream, they can be subject to a DIONYSUS-12 Event. A DIONYSUS-12 Event involves the subject disappearing at random and entering SCP-2542's pocket dimension. Individuals who undergo a DIONYSUS-12 Event describe the time spent in SCP-2542's dimension as awkward and tense, mostly due to SCP-2542's seeming unfamiliarity with human biology.

When an individual has entered SCP-2542's dimension in order to obtain SCP-2542-A, SCP-2542 shows a strong preference to making deals that benefit the buyer in question. It is unclear if this is due to some form of good nature on the behalf of the entity or if it is an attempt to spread SCP-2542-A. SCP-2542 accepts money, IOUs, and objects of sentimental value. It is worth noting that SCP-2542 makes no attempt to seek the money owed. Despite this, all individuals who undergo a DIONYSUS-12 Event express discomfort surrounding SCP-2542. Normally, an individual will not be involved in more than three DIONYSUS-12 events, but individuals involved in more than ten have been recorded.

SCP-2542 remains amicable with all subjects unless an individual attempts to steal SCP-2542-A. All forms of theft are met with extreme aggression and then death. The remains of these individuals return to where they were taken from within one week, though some have been kept for up to six months. Autopsies confirm that while the bodies may appear to have undergone unusual injury, the subjects were alive for the majority of time spent in SCP-2542's dimension.

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