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Item #: SCP-2539

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2539 has been closed under the provisional cover story of maintenance. Foundation security personnel have been assigned to monitor and intercept civilians attempting to access SCP-2539.

Description: SCP-2539 is a 3.1 kilometer stretch of road located near Rhodehampton, New South Wales. Individuals who attempt to traverse SCP-2539 in a motor vehicle will disappear after having travelled five hundred meters, and later reappear at the other end of SCP-2539 between seven and eight hours later. After returning, said individuals typically show signs of severe dehydration and heatstroke, even when provided adequate supplies to prevent this.

Those affected by SCP-2539's primary anomaly report having travelled down SCP-2539 for the full duration of their disappearance: all reports involve them stopping for a figure named "Miriam Wells". Descriptions of its appearance match that of highway patrol officer Miriam Wells, who disappeared in late 2009 on a routine patrol. She is usually described as wearing civilian clothes and attempting to ask subjects for directions.

In a minority of observed cases, subjects report being able to convince the woman to join them in their vehicle. All such subjects later find a piece of heavily scorched and decomposed human flesh in the storage compartment of their vehicle. The source of this is unknown.

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