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Item #: SCP-2538

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No weapons, armor, or other items generated by SCP-2538, are allowed outside of the containment chamber. At least 2 security personnel must guard SCP-2538 at all times. Security officers will rotate in shifts accordingly.

Description: SCP-2538 is a large van with a set of seats in the back, along with several containers. The vehicle has several crude steel plates attached to the sides and windows. SCP-2538 has no visible license plating and manufacturer labels. Due to this, manufacturer and previous owner of SCP-2538 are unknown. The left side of the vehicle has a spray painted rectangular symbol with the letters "R. S." written below.

When opened by an outside source, several objects will appear inside SCP-2538's back compartment. The objects known to appear include:

  • 4 sets of tactical bullet resistant vests
  • 4 loaded M4A1 carbine rifles
  • 2 bags of plastic explosives
  • 4 masks depicting various animals1
  • 20 magazines of 5.56x45mm NATO cartridges

Upon opening SCP-2538 again, a new set of the aforementioned items will appear, and will cause all previous items to disappear, regardless of where they are. Any objects placed inside SCP-2538's back compartment will also disappear once a new set is created. Any damage to SCP-2538 is repaired once the object is outside of human sight-lines.

The Foundation first discovered SCP-2538 in a warehouse owned by the company "Cargo-Partner" on the edge of Belgrade, Serbia. SCP-2538 was recovered along with a phone hidden inside the vehicle's glove compartment. After recovery the incidents of violent crime in Belgrade decreased.

Addendum 2538/01 02/04/10: The phone recovered from SCP-2538's glove compartment contained several audio recordings. Each recording dated from 3 months, to 2 days before recovery. These recordings are accessible by personnel of level 2 clearance and above.

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