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Inert instances of SCP-2534-1

Item #: SCP-2534

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2534-1 instances that have not passed their two-year mark are to be kept in Containment Wing 14 of Site-32, individually wrapped in plastic and organized by their estimated recovery date. SCP-2534-1E is also to be contained in this manner.
Only D-Class personnel are to handle, sort, and arrange these instances, to ensure no personnel are accidentally affected.

A week prior to an SCP-2534-1 instance's estimated two-year mark, it is to be held by a D-Class personnel to ensure ownership is transferred, then placed in a smaller temporary containment locker until the D-class experiences the anomalous effect. This D-class is subsequently prohibited from testing any currency-related SCPs.

SCP-2534-1 instances that have manifested their anomalous effect are considered inert and are to be kept in a standard containment crate in Containment Wing 15 of Site-32. Inert instances may be used for testing at the consent of one Level 3 or higher researcher. Future uses have been proposed and are pending approval.

Due to unpredictability of SCP-2534 occurrence, retrieval of SCP-2534-1 directly from manifestation is not feasible with current resources. An advertising campaign under the guise of a US mint recall of SCP-2534-1's characteristic "printing error" is ongoing. Social media websites and applications are to also be tracked to identify SCP-2534-1 instances. Bank owners, government officials, US mint employees, and other individuals legally involved in handling large amounts of currency are to be closely monitored for possibility of SCP-2534-1 acquisition.

Upon confirming location of an SCP-2534-1 instance, Mobile Task Force Rho-7 ("Ford's Theatre") will be dispatched for retrieval. The date of original acquisition (or a rough estimate thereof) is to be acquired from subject in possession, and Class C amnestics are to be administered where necessary. Expanded Eurozone retrieval procedures are being prepared should any more instances of SCP-2534-1E be discovered.

Subjects who have experienced the anomalous effects of SCP-2534-1 are to be administered Class B amnestics and detained in Site-32-B. They are not to come into contact with any currency.
Current global surveillance systems are to identify possible subjects by monitoring unusual circumstances such as cash disappearing, strange robberies, or other incidents.

Description: SCP-2534 is a phenomenon which results in the manifestation of SCP-2534-1.

SCP-2534 occurs only almost always (see Addendum 2) in the United States1, and only in areas commonly traversed on foot, such as sidewalks, parking lots, or the floors of public buildings. SCP-2534 manifestations have never been directly witnessed or recorded.

Instances of SCP-2534-1 are United States pennies, in most cases2 identical to current pennies. However, the printed minting year of SCP-2534-1 instances is always two years ahead of the year of original recovery. Instances display limited destructibility3.

SCP-2534-1's anomalous effect will manifest exactly two years after it is first retrieved4. At that time, the coin's current owner will lose all United States currency on their person, property5, or otherwise in their possession, with the exception of instances of SCP-2534-1 and non-physical currency such as bank balances or credit cards. Property loss usually occurs via theft, loss, or sudden expenses, each of which usually appear non-anomalous in nature. Any new US currency acquired by the subject is lost in a similar manner shortly after acquisition.

This effect makes it impossible for an affected subject to handle or use any United States legal tender, and does not cease until the death of the subject.

SCP-2534-1 ownership can be transferred among persons. SCP-2534-1 being given, stolen, used as legal tender, or otherwise handled by another person are all valid methods of transfer. If a subject loses SCP-2534-1, but it is not handled by another individual, that subject remains the current owner. Ownership cannot be transferred to animals, corpses, those already owning an instance of SCP-2534-1, or those who have already received SCP-2534-1's effect.

After the subject has experienced SCP-2534-1's anomalous effect, the instance will become inert and cease any anomalous activity.

Addendum, Incident 2534-S: On █/██/████, the ███ █████ Bank of ██████████ was robbed by 4 unidentified individuals. The entirety of the approximate $██.█ million dollars the bank had in storage was stolen. When investigated, J███ S████, the owner of the bank, was confirmed to own an instance of SCP-2534-1. The instance was retrieved, and Mr. S████ was administered amnestics and relocated to Site 32-B.

Containment procedures were re-written post incident to ensure that no facilities or personnel important to the U.S. economy are affected by SCP-2534-1.

Addendum 2: On ██/█/2015, a thread was made on ██████ (a popular image sharing website) on the topic of a "misprinted Euro" the poster had discovered. In the thread, an image was included of a 1 Euro cent coin printed with the year 2017. The IP was traced to ███████, France, and MTF-Rho-7 was dispatched to retrieve the instance, now designated SCP-2534-1E.

SCP-2534-1E was retrieved without error, date of retrieval was confirmed, and Class-C amnestics were administered to the subject. SCP-2534-1E has retained the same physical properties as a normal SCP-2534-1 instance (see Footnote 3), and it is assumed that it will have the same eventual effect as well.

No other instances of SCP-2534-1E have since been reported or discovered.

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