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Item #: SCP-2532

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All cases involving the manifestation of previously uncatalogued species in a specific area are to be investigated for possibly originating from SCP-2532.

In the event that an uncontained SCP-2532 instance is discovered, it is to be removed from its public location(s) through the use of Protocol CASSANDRA. Any civilians who have been confirmed to have activated SCP-2532 or observed SCP-2532-A are to be administered E-Class amnestics. Collected instances of SCP-2532 are to be filed at Site-63.

In the event that an SCP-2532-A population is discovered, the full population is to be secured and isolated. Following this, members of the population are to be euthanized until the population is able to both sustain itself and be realistically contained at Site-104. Each population is to be provided with an environment and diet which simulate its natural conditions.1

Investigation into SCP-2532's origin is ongoing.

Description: SCP-2532 designates a set of related "help wanted" advertisements. In addition to a brief description of the job, the advertisement will list benefits and requirements for the job, as well as a phone number. In all recorded cases, all listed phone numbers are valid, and will produce no anomalous effects when called by someone who has not read the phone number on an SCP-2532 instance.

If a subject dials a phone number that they have read on an SCP-2532 instance within twenty four hours of reading it, they will be greeted by a human voice claiming to represent various organizations, such as "Terran Employment Agency" "Biosphere Enhancement Society" and the "Coexistential Work Program"2. If the subject inquires about either the advertisement or the employment opportunity described, the voice will ask the subject to hold, followed by a period of silence lasting approximately one minute. The voice will then apologize and inform the subject that "that opening has already been filled." The voice will then ask the subject if they would like to be informed about future employment opportunities as they become available. Whether or not the subject responds in the affirmative does not seem to have any influence over future effects.

Within thirteen hours of the completion of the phone call, a population of previously undiscovered organisms (SCP-2532-A)3 will manifest at an area near4 to where the call was made and where the "job" conditions described by the SCP-2532 instance exist. The SCP-2532-A population will proceed to integrate with the local ecosystem in the area, filling previously unfilled ecological niches. To date, all SCP-2532-A populations have been well-adapted to survive their respective environments and ecosystems.

Addendum 1: Reproduction of SCP-2532-28

Addendum 2: Abridged list of SCP-2532 and SCP-2532-A variations.

SCP-2532 Instance # Job Description Description of resulting SCP-2532-A
SCP-2532-1 Feeding birds. Small, flightless insects which are eaten by avians in urban environments. Fully mature female instances will hold several fertilized eggs in her own body before placing themselves in locations where they are likely to be eaten. Eggs are highly durable and often survive through the avian's digestive track, hatching large distances from their parent's original location.
SCP-2532-17 Taking care of pets. Species of large, marsupialoid felines. Instances will invade urban areas and abduct domesticated members of Felis Catus. Instances will then adopt abducted cats, and will treat them as if they were infants or juveniles. Eventually, abducted cats are fully integrated into the social group, with some interbreeding existing. Instances subsist mostly on a diet of rodents, avians, and small canines.
SCP-2532-28 Clearing of dead plant matter from forest. A species of hexapedal reptilians, measuring an average of approximately 2.2 meters in length. Reptiles seem to be herbivorous decomposers, ingesting large amounts of dead plant matter which has fallen to the forest floor, followed by digging burrows and hibernating in them while ingested plant matter decomposes. Instances have no known predators or prey.
SCP-2532-59 Since reclassified SCP-████ Monitoring of radioactive fluctuations in plants to ensure worker safety. [DATA EXPUNGED]
SCP-2532-103 Placing flowers at graves. A species of non-toxic fungus. Instances are red in coloration with vaguely floral structured caps. Instances have shown a particular affinity for growing in cemeteries, presumably because of high volumes of decomposing matter.
SCP-2532-142 Pest control. Disembodied jaw structures which resemble enlarged versions of those found in Carcharodon Megalodon. Instances are capable of unaided propulsion through the air. Passage through the front of the jaws leads to a digestive tract, presumed to exist in extradimensional space. Instances prey primarily on Larus Canus.
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