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Item #: SCP-2531

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2531 is presently not under containment. Field agents encountering SCP-2531 are to exercise caution to ensure the vine/stem/umbilical connection is not severed or damaged. Once secure, efforts are to be made to bring SCP-2531 to term allowing indefinite containment.

Description: SCP-2531 is a 70 kg (150 lbs) humanoid figure of indeterminable sex and pallid complexion, usually found in a state of advanced decay. In each occurrence, SCP-2531 has been discovered sealed within Cucurbita maxima (commonly known as giant squash or giant pumpkin). SCP-2531’s height has been found to vary depending on the volume of the pumpkin’s interior. DNA samples taken from SCP-2531 have confirmed that the humanoid figure, although usually severely decomposed, deformed, and contorted, shares 91.4% DNA match to that of Homo sapiens sapiens and 7.2% match to that of Homo neanderthalensis. SCP-2531 is found connected to the interior wall of a giant pumpkin via an umbilical cord composed of both plant and animal matter. The cord runs from the inside of the pumpkin’s stem to the base of SCP-2531’s skull. SCP-2531 does not exhibit an abdominal navel. After the vine/stem/umbilical is severed or severely damaged, SCP-2531 begins to decompose at an exponential rate until only organic dust remains. After an unknown amount of time, SCP-2531 is rediscovered within a new pumpkin. Despite efforts by the Foundation and non-Foundation to preserve SCP-2531, to date no attempts at containment have proven effective.

The decomposition and recurrence of SCP-2531 is currently under investigation. Each pumpkin wherein SCP-2531 was discovered weighed between 340 kg (750 lbs) and 370 kg (816 lbs). Any evidence of an SCP-2531 recurrence should be investigated immediately. Local operatives have clearance to utilize Foundation infrared/ultrasound/and satellite surveillance equipment for the apprehension of SCP-2531.

Addendum: To date, the Foundation has had 4 documented encounters with SCP-2531 dating from 1984 to 2014. The original SCP-2531 file was comprised of SCP-2531-01 through SCP-2531-04 assuming that each fetus was a separate but similar entity. However, further testing has determined that in all occurrences, SCP-2531 is the same entity sharing a 100% DNA match. Physical evidence such as marks made by samples taken, testing [see archived data], or damage to SCP-2531 induced while cutting open the pumpkin-wombs further supports this theory. However, the pumpkin-wombs in each instance have tested as unique specimens of varying color, size, and genetic make-up. This file has been updated to rectify this error. Archived data available below. ██/██/2014

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