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Item #: SCP-2528

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the widespread nature of SCP-2528-A and SCP-2528-B, both geographically and in the popular consciousness, physical containment is impractical at this time. Instead, efforts should be directed to concealing their anomalous properties. Currently, this primarily consists of discouraging research into the quantum properties of Bambusoideae bambusinae and Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

Efforts are to be made to ensure that the population of SCP-2528-B remains at a level that is sustainable yet too small for SCP-2528-C to breach containment. Given current population trends in SCP-2528-B the Foundation will support conservation efforts in the public sphere. Should the population of SCP-2528-B rise above acceptable limits, currently pegged at 7,000 individuals, containment efforts will be revised in order to undermine efforts to prevent poaching of SCP-2528-B and ensure a market demand for SCP-2528-B hides.

Description: SCP-2528 is a quality of plants in the Bambusoideae subfamily that renders them highly resistant to a variety of reality altering effects, most notably the effects of retro-causal reality restructuring events. Research into how this effect is achieved is considered a priority. SCP-2528 is a network of organic computers spanning most of East and Southeast Asia.

SCP-2528 is composed of two primary component organisms: SCP-2528-A, which acts as data storage and network infrastructure, and SCP-2528-B, which enables data processing and environmental manipulation.

SCP-2528-A is composed of living plants in the clade Bambusoideae bambusinae.1 Data is stored within SCP-2528-A via a complex network of quantumly entangled particles that simulate a distributed data storage system.2

SCP-2528-B comprises the species Ailuropoda melanoleuca3 and its attendant digestive bacteria. As a SCP-2528-B instance digests SCP-2528-A matter, anomalous chemical reactions induce changes to the quantum states of the entangled particles4, thus propagating data throughout the entire cluster.

The decline in the population of Ailuropoda melanoleuca has resulted in a parallel decline in the processing power available to SCP-2528.

SCP-2528-C is a population of sapient, data-form intelligences that reside within SCP-2528. SCP-2528-C's main means of communication with the Foundation is through manipulation of -B instances. The primary point of contact between SCP-2528-C and the Foundation is an instance designated as SCP-2528-C-1. SCP-2528-C-1 has indicated that the first concern of SCP-2528-C as a whole is its continued survival.

SCP-2528-C has demonstrated the ability to exert control over the actions of SCP-2528-B instances. While under the control of a SCP-2528-C instance, a SCP-2528-B instance is capable of performing several anomalous actions; this has been observed to include mimicry of human speech, movement that would not be physically possible given the physiology of Ailuropoda melanoleuca and [REDACTED].5

The components of SCP-2528 are highly resistant to reality alteration effects, particularly those of a retro-causal nature. It is currently believed that this is a byproduct of the distributed nature of SCP-2528-C cognition and the quantum entanglement network that facilitates it.

SCP-2528 was first discovered in 20██, in the aftermath of localized restructuring event CH-███. Foundation observers noticed that Phyllostachys edulis plants in the area of the restructuring were demonstrating qualities consistent with pre-restructuring rather than post-restructuring reality. Notably, scorch marks and explosive damage from several detonations that had occurred in the modified time-line were absent from these plants, despite having affected other local flora. Once this quality had been verified and confirmed to extend to all plants belonging to Bambusoideae bambusinae, research into how this property was achieved became a priority.

The computative role of SCP-2528-B would later be discovered during Incident 2528-3.

Incident 2528-2, 7/██/20██
During a exploratory surgery of an adult male specimen Ailuropoda melanoleuca6 the subject, now classified as SCP-2528-B-3, animated and spoke to the performing physician, Dr. Gāo Peng.

As a result the surgery was canceled and SCP-2528-B-3 was placed under observation as a potential SCP object.

Note: As of Incident 2528-3, it has been determined that SCP-2528-C-1 was communicating through SCP-2528-B-3. The transcript has been updated accordingly.

Incident 2528-3, 9/█/20██
During a collection of tissue samples7 SCP-2528-B-1 began to vocalize and addressed the supervising researcher, Dr. Gāo.

As a result, SCP-2528-B's role in SCP-2528 was identified and the existence of SCP-2528-C was discovered.

Incident 2528-4, 10/██/20██
While in storage, SCP-2528-B-4 becomes active and uses a stick of SCP-2528-A to trigger breach detection sensors, triggering a localized lock down. Once the enclosure is fully sealed, SCP-2528-B-4 turns to face the adjoining lab area and begins vocalization. Once vocalization is complete, the instance ceases to display anomalous behavior.

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