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Item #: SCP-2527

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Outside of testing periods, SCP-2527-1 is to be contained in a reinforced steel containment crate, 4m cubic, on the side of the testing field at Site-59. Testing is to be carried out only as ordered by the Site Director.

SCP-2527-2 is to be kept in a computer in an operations room behind three security doors with separate passwords. Access is strictly prohibited outside of testing periods. When not in use for testing, the computer containing SCP-2527-2 is to be shut down and unplugged.

Description: SCP-2527-1 is a 2m high stone statue of a Lamassu.1 It is inert by default; however, depending on the commands entered into SCP-2527-2, SCP-2527-1 is capable of:

  • Movement by means of instantaneous materialization into the center of a 3m x 3m space directly before, behind, or to the left and right of itself,
  • Incinerating organic material,
  • Destruction of walls and other obstructions by means of a shockwave from an indeterminate source,
  • Spontaneous generation of flowers and other plant life within its 3m x 3m square of influence, and
  • Spontaneous impregnation of any available uterus within its square of influence with a smaller stone Lamassu.

SCP-2527-2 is a Commodore 64 text adventure game titled "Massy's Big Chance," used as a means to control the actions of SCP-2527-1. Box art of the game included the description: "Congratulaton!!! You are MASSY and became a GOD. Now go fort and establis your domonion!!!!"

SCP-2527-2 Log: SCP-2527-1 capabilities against human subjects2

VER 1.02

Massy awaken to disover he is in box. 
There is LIGHT come into box from NORTH because ENTRANCE. 
Massy is anxiety to do GOD things. 
What do?

> go north

Massy go NORTH! 
Out of box now. 
Sees one D-3515 and D-5992 to NORTH diretly. 
There is GRASS below.

> go north

Massy go NORTH! 
Weight of Massy CRUSH D-5992. 
D-3515 exclaim loudly. 
Punish D-3515 is possible.

> burn d-3515

Screms are loud. 
Long live MASSY! 
D-3515 rolls on floor.

> burn d-3515

Burning is multiple. 
D-3515 screams profuse.

> smite d-3515

Breaks apart D-3515. 
Long live MASSY! 
To the in the front of you Massy sees walls to distant 
Behind, wall to SOUTH, as well as BOX.
What do? 
Suggest, leave walls?

> go south 2

Massy RETURN to BOX. 
It is not recommended that Massy STAY. 
Gods have much work doing.

> quit

Are you sure you?

> y

Thank you. Progess save.
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