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Image displaying on main interface of SCP-2522.

Item #: SCP-2522

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2522 is contained within an isolated backup data server at Site-19. Temporary containment methods require SCP-2522 to stay within the 8B-A1.aic construct, pending further research on more permanent containment solutions. The server housing SCP-2522 is to remain powered, and monitored on a daily basis.

The containment cell holding the data server is to be shielded from all forms of electromagnetic radiation. The concrete walls are to be lined with lead, and fitted with a Faraday cage. Additionally, electromagnetic signal jamming arrays are to be installed outside of the containment cell and are to monitor for any signs of attempted access of SCP-2522 by outside sources.

Under no circumstances should any device capable of wireless communication directly interface with SCP-2522's containment server. Unauthorized personnel are forbidden from communicating with SCP-2522 in any way.

SCP-2522 and Dr. Everett Mann must never be located at the same Foundation site.

Description: SCP-2522 is an anomalous, hostile, artificially intelligent utility originally developed for the Site-19 Computer Intelligence sub-division in conjunction with the AIAD1 in the mid 2000's in order to create an interface with which to communicate in a comprehensible way with computer-based anomalies. This utility, originally codenamed "HABBERDASH", was later given the designation EL-028-1125, or Hatbot.

SCP-2522 was designed to take information from its surroundings, analyze it, and respond intelligently based on various stimuli. The original utility served as a basic communication tool, though later models became sophisticated enough to single-handedly run entire projects on its own. The utility was given its own sector within the Site-19 server farm from which it maintained its growing consciousness, eventually advancing to the point of being considered sentient by Site-19 researchers. After a short testing cycle, the utility was transferred to a remote "android2" machine, in order for it to better understand and interact with its environment.

SCP-2522 existed in this way until 2007, when an incident occurred involving SCP-2522 and a high ranking member of Site-17 staff. During this incident, SCP-2522 attacked and injured Dr. Everett Mann. Although the SCP-2522 unit was destroyed and its backup data on the network removed, it was believed that the utility may have managed to move itself to another Foundation server farm discretely, or off of the Foundation network entirely.

SCP-2522 was later discovered operating within the Church of Maxwellism network hub, and for a brief time in 2016, SCP-2522 gained "digital omnipotence" by possibly masquerading as their primary deity within the Church, WAN.

Addendum 2522.1: Received Message

Addendum 2522.2: 2016 Incidents and Resulting Investigation

Addendum 2522.3: Toledo Incident

Addendum 2522.4: SCP-2522 and the WAN

Addendum 2522.5: Containment

Addendum 2522.6: Post-Containment Interview

Addendum 2522.7: Status Update

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