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Item #: SCP-252

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-252 is to be stored in the armory under Level 4 security protocol. Access to SCP-252 or its switch is strictly regulated, with any testing requiring full evacuation procedures beforehand. SCP-252 is to be cleaned and maintained as a Class HK volatile device, with regular examination to be performed weekly.

Description: SCP-252 appears to be a standard US military 50 lb aerial bomb, similar in make and model to those used in WWII-era bombers. On its side, the words “The Pink Scare” are stenciled in. Attempts to disassemble the bomb’s apparatus are impossible, and there is no means to disarm its payload indefinitely.

SCP-252 is activated with a remote switch, a small iron remote control with a simple knob labeled “on” and “off”. When the knob is turned to the “on” position, SCP-252 will activate within 5 seconds, releasing its payload. This payload has the effect of altering the minds of any male personnel within its range of 3.5 km. All those affected by the blast will temporarily develop homosexual preferences, regardless of previous sexual orientation. The method in which it accomplishes this is unknown at the time, and all attempts to disassemble SCP-252 have lead to premature detonation.

Discovered in 19██, SCP-252 was found in an abandoned scientific facility near ██████, Virginia. Upon locating the device, the movement of the Agents assigned to its recovery caused the very unstable SCP-252 to detonate, partly due to its state of disrepair at the time. After thorough examination, and more than a bit of confused embarrassment, they were released and SCP-252 was relocated to Site-██.

Addendum: While not inherently dangerous, SCP-252 has been subject to an overwhelming degree of security and scrutiny, and more attempts have been made to neutralize it than any other SCP at Site-██. Due to several incidents involving SCP-252 used in a spiteful or cruelly humorous manner, Level 3 Clearance is required for any use of SCP-252.

Note: This is the third time we’ve had a wave of reports from SCP-336 regarding sexually confused staff. Not only are you causing undue stress, but think of the people who have to worry about catching the “gay”. Remember, you’re not just breaking rules…you’re breaking people’s hearts. - Dr. ██████

Addendum: To all of you (angry) male staff who thought it would be hilarious to move this into my quarters and detonate it, I'd like to suggest that you watch "The Shawshank Redemption" for clues as to why it didn't take. Heck, do it anyway, it'll give you something to do while you wait to be reassigned to Keter duty.
- Dr. Clef.

Note: Despite many requests, no, we will not expose SCP-230 to SCP-252. I don't care how funny "The Gayest Gay Man Alive" sounds. - Dr. ██████

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