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Item: SCP-2516

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2516-1 is deceased; the remains of SCP-2516-1 have been disposed of. For more information of the disposal of SCP-2516-1’s remains view addendum A-2516-2.

SCP-2516-2’s entrance in the Principality of Andorra has been closed by a steel-barred security gate and the exit in France has been sealed in 1.25m of concrete. The former railroad track utilizing SCP-2516-2 has been redirected, and the train tracks leading to and from the tunnel have been removed.

Description: SCP-2516-1 was a male human of Eastern European descent. At the time of detention, SCP-2516-1 was 1.82m in height and weighed 71.2kg. SCP-2516-1 did not show any anomalous properties or abilities. SCP-2516-1 claimed to be from a nation known as Taured; however, no such country exists. Foundation researchers have been unable to identify any historic records or fictional works referencing the existence of a country named Taured. On 07 September 1974, SCP-2516-1 died in Foundation custody due to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

SCP-2516-1 was brought into Foundation custody with a suitcase, briefcase, and passport. The contents of the suitcase included 3 separate outfits, 2 wristwatches, toiletries, and a small journal. SCP-2516-1 was permitted to keep these items in the containment cell. The briefcase contained information on potential investment opportunities from an investment firm allegedly located in Taured, and the company of [REDACTED] located in Tokyo, Japan. The passport confiscated from SCP-2516-1 is a travel document supposedly issued by the country Taured and appears genuine - meeting the criteria set by the International Civil Aviation Organization - despite bearing citizenship to Taured and featuring an unrecognized coat of arms. The passport contains stamps from airports located in Paris, Japan, The United States of America, and Germany, which match those used by the associated countries. It also contains a stamp for the Taured National Airport.

SCP-2516-2 is a 300m one-track railroad tunnel on the border of the Principality of Andorra and the neighboring country of France. SCP-2516-2 is the believed entry point of SCP-2516-1. Exploration teams sent into SCP-2516-2 have recorded the following anomalous sections of the tunnel starting from the entrance in the Principality of Andorra.

  • 0-50m: The sound of running water can be heard in increasing intensity as one progresses farther into the tunnel. No such source of running water has been detected within auditory range of the tunnel.
  • 50-100m: Intensity of the sound increases, the force of gravity progressively increases from 9.81 m/s2 to 15.32 m/s2
  • 100-200m: Sound alters into a consistent ringing, gravitational forces fluctuate with increased frequency as one travels farther towards the center of the tunnel. Recorded fluctuations have been between 1.02 m/s2 and 38.21 m/s2.
  • 200m-250m: Similar effects displayed to those in the 50-100m range
  • 250-300m: Similar effects displayed to those in the 0-50m range

Recovery Information: SCP-2516-1 was contained in June of 1954. During a customs check at the Paris–Le Bourget Airport, airport security detained SCP-2516-1 due to a detected issue with his passport. During his temporary detainment by airport security, SCP-2516-1 claimed to be from Taured, a location unknown to the Airport officials. After being asked to identify the location on a map, SCP-2516-1 pointed to the Principality of Andorra and became confused and agitated to see the perceived mislabelling of Taured as well as the lack of knowledge of the country displayed by airport staff. The airport security contacted the local police and SCP-2516-1 was placed in a guarded room at a local hotel. Foundation operatives overheard of this event and, suspecting an anomaly, secured and removed SCP-2516-1 from the hotel room without alerting local authorities. SCP-2516-1 was interviewed about the country he claimed to be from and his travels prior to arriving in Paris. Foundation personnel discovered SCP-2516-2’s anomalous properties while retracing the travels taken by SCP-2516-1 and containment procedures were put into place.

Addendum A-2516-1: An early message recording the discovery of SCP-2516-2 is attached.

I think we’ve found it, along the tunnel he took out of Taured, or Andorra, either-or. Anyway we closed down the tunnel and started walkin', we started feeling kind of heavy, got a lot harder to walk. Anyway, we hear one of the boys yelling up ahead so we went to see what all the fuss was about. Then things got really light, I’m telling you, I could jump 6 feet easy, just about hit my head on the ceiling. So we kept walking, thought we’d made it through to the other side, into Taured or whatever. Man, we were disappointed to find more of our guys on the other side. So whatever happened to him, it ain't working for us.

A recording of an early interview with SCP-2516-1 has also been included in the document; the conversation has been translated from French:

Dr. Hedrick: Alright I have a few questions to ask you, is that alright?

SCP-2516-1: Hell no! you’ve kept me locked up here for days without telling me anything! I should be the one asking questions!

Dr. Hedrick: Where are you from?

SCP-2516-1: We've been over this, Harton Town, Taured. Can I at least get a phone call? My wife and my little girl must be worried sick.

Dr. Hedrick: Why were you travelling?

SCP-2516-1: I was supposed to be on a business trip in Tokyo, you already know all this, please, I’m begging you-

Dr. Hedrick: What company do you work for?

SCP-2516-1: Fredic and Sons investments, I’m an accountant. Why are you keeping me here?

Dr. Hedrick: Can you tell me anything about the train ride leaving Taured?

SCP-2516-1: Nothing I haven’t told you before. I got on the train in Carford, got off in Paris, end of story.

Dr. Hedrick: What were you doing when the train went through the tunnel?

SCP-2516-1: I got up to use the bathroom, what does it matter?

Dr. Hedrick: Is there anything you’d like to add?

SCP-2516-1: Yeah, how long are you going to keep me locked up in here? I’ve got a family waiting for me.

Dr. Hedrick: Thank you █████ ██████████, that will be all.

SCP-2516-1: Hey, you come back here, I ain't done talking to you, you can't keep me locked up, I haven't done anything wrong!

Addendum A-2516-2: SCP-2516-1 died on September 7, 1974. In accordance with SCP-2516-1’s last request to be brought home, Dr. Hedrick approved an attempt to activate the anomalous properties of SCP-2516-2. SCP-2516-1’s body was cremated and the ashes placed on a motorized railroad cart. The cart was placed on the track within SCP-2516-2 at the French entrance and the motor activated. The remains of SCP-2516-1 did not emerge at the other side of SCP-2516-2. However, 15 minutes after the departure of SCP-2516-1’s remains, an identical motorized cart emerged approaching the French side containing an urn filled with cremated ashes and a note. The note has been attached below.

To be buried in the Principality of Andorra

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