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Item #: SCP-2515

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2515-A is to be secured in a glass case inside a sterile storage chamber at Site-77. To prevent the object's degradation, the storage chamber's temperature must be maintained at 20°C, and its relative humidity at 45%. SCP-2515-A is to be stored in complete darkness while not in use, and is to be examined daily by a curator from the Department of Antiquities for instances of Anthrenus verbasci1.

Any digital photography of SCP-2515-A is to be considered a Class C Information Breach, subject to disciplinary action. Film photography of SCP-2515-A is permissible for research regarding SCP-2515-B with explicit permission from the Site Director. All instances of SCP-2515-B and the film used to develop them are to be immediately destroyed following experimentation.

Description: SCP-2515-A is a 1.3 m x 2.0 m oil painting in the style of Jacques-Louis David, which was acquired in a raid on the Paris residence of anomalous art dealer █████ ██ ███████. SCP-2515-B is the designation given to all photographs of SCP-2515-A and all photographs of other instances of SCP-2515-B. SCP-2515-A is an equestrian portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte, depicted holding an electric lantern2, inscribed with the words "LVMEN FIDEI3" as his army marches through a mountain pass in the dark. To the right, a group of four soldiers is depicted holding up a bronze statue of an armored female figure, carrying a square and compasses, on a pedestal inscribed with the words "DEA EVROPA4." In the distant background of the painting, a star fort is visible at the foot of the mountain pass being crossed. The fort is surrounded by corpses, and the perspective is such that a pool of a fluid (typically identified by viewers as blood) can be seen within the fort.

The anomalous effects of SCP-2515 manifest for the duration that an individual views SCP-2515-A, or an instance of SCP-2515-B. While viewing either, individuals may claim to have knowledge about SCP-2515-A, despite SCP-2515-A not being found in any historical or cultural records accessible by the Foundation. Once affected individuals stop viewing SCP-2515-A, or an instance of SCP-2515-B, the anomalous effects cease. The depth of the individuals' knowledge is consistent with the level of their educational attainment regarding art history, which can range from having no knowledge to being able to give a detailed interpretation of the elements of SCP-2515-A5. As of yet, no information given by affected individuals about SCP-2515-A has been contradictory.

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